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24th July 2020

This IWYP collaboration on wheat wild relatives and photosynthesis with @plantyperson and @Erikmurchie was a great team effort between Nottingham, Lancaster, Essex and Bristol. Out now in New Phytologist.


14 May 2020

Our work on generation of introgressions from wild relative species Aegilops caudata into wheat and their chatacterisation using chromosome-specific KASP markers is out in @FrontPlantSci today!


20 April 2020

Take a first look at our new paper "Exploiting the genome of Thinopyrum elongatum to expand the gene pool of hexaploid wheat". Theor. Appl. Gen. @laurenbaker1993




April 2020

Read about our collaboration with Prof E.H. Murchie at the University of Nottingham on discovering enhanced photosynthesis in our wild relative introgressions.

The IWYP Science Brief is a summary of work which is part of the IWYP collaboration “Wider and Faster: High-Throughout Phenotypic Exploration of Novel Genetic Variation for Breeding High Biomass and Yield in Wheat”.

The IWYP Annual Report summary can be found here


05 February 2020

Wheat rust resistance found in Amblyopyrum muticum introgressions.

See our article in collaboration with John Fellers (USDA) on "Resistance to wheat rusts identified in wheat/Amblyopyrum muticum chromosome introgressions" in Crop Science.

wheat rust1
manel paper

18 September 2019

Durum Wheat

See our latest paper by Manel Othmeni in the special edition of Frontiers in Plant Science - A sustainable durum wheat chain for food security and healthy lives


29 August 2019

KASP Paper

Finally the KASP marker paper "Rapid identification of homozygosity and site of wild relative introgressions in wheat through chromosome‐specific KASP genotyping assays" gets published in @PlantBiotechJ. Thank you to the whole team and to @SurbhiG6 for all their efforts over the last 3 years to make this resource available to the wheat research community.  @UKFutureWheat @UoNBiosciences

toolkit visit

04 July 2019

DFW Breeder's Toolkit Visit

Great to welcome Simon Griffiths, Simon Orford and Andrew Riche to our sunny Sutton bonington campus to see potential lines for the Designing Future Wheat (DFW) breeders toolkit. 


07 May 2019

New paper out on T. timopheevii

"Development and characterisation of interspecific hybrid lines with genome-wide introgressions from Triticum timopheevii in a hexaploid wheat background".   Devi U, Grewal S, Yang C-y, Hubbart-Edwards S, Scholefield D, Ashling S, Burridge A, King I.P, King J (2019) BMC Plant Biology 19:183

Timpoheevii paper220x220





14 April 2019

T. monococcum paper

"Development of a new Am-genome-specific SNP marker set for the molecular characterization of wheat-Triticum monococcum introgression lines". Cseh A, Megyeri M, Yang C-y, Hubbart-Edwards S, Scholefield D, Ashling S.S, King I.P, King J, Grewal S (2019) Plant Genome 12:180098. doi: 10.3835/p l antg e n o m e2018.12.0 0 98 




21 March 2019

Congratulations to Dr. Constance Lavergne on the defence of her thesis.  Many thanks to Prof. Graham Moore from JIC and Limagrain.

Constance thesis 220


manel thesis220



26 February 2019

Congratulations to Dr. Manel Othmeni on the defence of her thesis "The use of pentaploid crosses for durum wheat improvement to septoria tritici blotch disease resistance and D-genome introgression into durum wheat". Many thanks to Paul Nicholson from JIC.



14 February 2019

Our new paper is out!

" Development and Validation of Thinopyrum intermedium–Exome Based SNP Marker Set for Identification of the St, Jr and Jvs genomes in a wheat background". Theor. Appl. Genet. Cseh A, Yang C-y, Hubbart-Edwards S, Scholefield D, Ashling S, Burridge A.J, Wilkinson P.A, King I.P, King J, Grewal S (2019)

Andras paper220
mutica paper220


31 January 2019

Our new paper published today " Development of Stable Homozygous Wheat/Amblyopyrum muticum (Aegilops mutica) Introgression Lines and Their Cytogenetic and Molecular Characterization". Front. Plant Sci. 10:34 King J, Newell C, Grewal S, Hubbart-Edwards S, Yang C-y, Scholefield D, Ashling S, Stride A and King I.P (2019)




29 November 2018

Congratulations to Dr. Jack Heath on the defence of his thesis "The production and mapping of Wheat-Rye introgression lines exploiting Ph1". Many thanks to Luke Ramsay from the James Hutton institute.

Jack thesis220

Lauren Thesis220



25 October 2018

Congratulations to Dr. Lauren Baker on the defence of her thesis "The development of wheat/Thinopyrum elongatum lines produced via a whole genome shotgun approach and characterisation via cytogenetics and molecular marker analysis". Many thanks to Glenn Bryan from the James Hutton Institute.



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