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A one thousand year old Anglo-Saxon remedy for eye infections which originates from a manuscript in the British Library has been found to kill the modern-day superbug MRSA in an unusual research collaboration at The University of Nottingham.

Midlands 3 Cities Consortium: illustration by JustinWadge
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1st Annual CLAS Postgraduate Symposium

Monday 27th - Tuesday 28th April
Confirmed Keynote speaker : Professor Pat Thomson

Kara Walker's Pornopticon

Monday 27th April
New Art Exchange
Visiting speaker Professor Robyn Wiegman, Duke University discusses "Kara Walker's Pornopticon: Racial Sensations", including public conversation with Zoe Trodd

Kara Walker's Pornopticon: racial sensations

Monday 27th April
39-41 Gregory Boulevard, New Art Exchange, NG7 6BE, Nottingham
The Centre for Research in Race and Rights (C3R) and New Art Exchange present 'Kara Walker's Pornopticon: racial sensations'. Professor Robyn Wiegman, a leading professor of race and gender at Duke University, will be joined in conversation by Professor Zoe Trodd, Department of American and Canadian Studies.

25 Years as an International Conference Interpreter: Rewards and Challenges

Tuesday 28th April
A40 Sir Clive Granger
Dr Óscar Jiménez Serrano shares his experience of 25 years as an International Conference Interpreter

Mediating Selma: 1965, 2015 - Professor Aniko Bodroghkozy (University of Virginia)

Wednesday 29th April
Trent B40
Department of Culture, Film and Media Visiting Speaker
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Undergraduate open day
Talk to students and staff, and view the facilities and resources of University Park campus.

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A major international conference hosted by the Centre for the Study of the Viking Age which aims to capture the diversity of and change in the Viking Age and its aftermath.

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  • Fairy tales revisited
    This blog post was written by first year English and Hispanic student, Sally Hirst from the School of English. Once upon a time, traditional folk stories were passed on by word of mouth, these then transcended to the written word and now, they reside on our television screens, however, they have been much altered from their original storylines ...
  • On this day in AD 121, the emperor Marcus Aurelius was born
    Born on the 26th of April 121, he was born Marcus Annius Verus to a relatively inconspicuous father of the same name who died as praetor-designate in 124, when his son was only three years old.
  • Romeo and Juliet in Harlem (dir. Aleta Chapelle) @ Warwick Arts Centre Cinema
    The second of the two films in Warwick’s annual Shakespeare Film Day was a very special occasion – the first screening in the UK (probably) of the first Shakespeare film made by an African-American woman. Aleta Chappelle’s most significant feature as director to date, which used a crowd-funded trailer to attract funding, is a low budget ...

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