Nottingham tram development


How the tram developments will affect the University

Nottingham Express Transport (NET) is building Phase Two [pdf] of the Nottingham tram network, with construction expected to last until the end of 2014. This will introduce two new lines; line two runs from the city centre to Clifton via the Meadows, line three runs through Beeston to Toton.

Building work will affect access, traffic and car parking across various University sites at different stages of construction.

For more information, visit the NET tram website.


New tram lines under construction


Works on our campuses

Triumph Road is open

Triumph Road has reopened, and vehicles can again access Jubilee Campus from Derby Road. Traffic into and around Jubilee Campus is now unaffected by the recent fire.

South entrance

The University's South Entrance is closed to incoming and outgoing traffic until mid September. 

Throughout this period there will be restrictions to access on Science Road. We will post more detail about the timings of these restrictions as soon as it is available. All buses entering/exiting campus will do so via the North and West Entrances. 

Pedestrians can still use the entrance. Cyclists should walk their bikes through the pedestrian access until they are on University Boulevard. 

The closure is part of the final stages of the tram works. The works in and around the University are expected to be mostly complete by the start of the next academic year. 

Hopper bus diversions

Buses will be unable to call at the Arts Centre bus stop from Monday 30 June until mid-September. The nearest bus stop for passengers wishing to travel on hopper buses or Nottingham City’s Transport’s 34 service is East Drive.  

Science Road temporary layout

The Science Road exit onto the A52 is now permanently reopened. The temporary layout of Science Road, as shown in the below map of the area, will be in place until summer 2014.

Science Road map

Cyclists and vehicles must enter the Science Area from the A52 via Coates Road and exit via Science Road. Many cyclists are cycling the wrong way down the one way element of Science Road instead of using Coates Road, which runs parallel to Science Road.

Works affecting routes to our campuses

Dunkirk/University Boulevard 

On both Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 September, utility chamber works will affect University Boulevard. On each day from 8am-1pm, lane two will be closed outbound from East Drive to the Tennis Centre.

White Hart junction/Gregory Street

Works at the White Hart junction are affecting access to King’s Meadow Campus.

From Wednesday 3 September, a section of Gregory Street will be closed to traffic (between Mellors and Kirk Auction House and the Red Crow Pub). The works are expected to last seven weeks, and while pedestrians and cyclists will not be affected the easiest alternative route for vehicles will be via the A52. Please check this map of the area for more details.

Lenton Lane and Gregory Street map and information

Crown Island – Ring Road Improvement

From mid-September, works will begin at Crown Island on the Ring Road – the elongated dumbbell junction of Wollaton Road/Middleton Boulevard/Western Boulevard/Radford Bridge Road. Motorists and bus services will not be affected, however the subway will close to pedestrians and cyclists until March 2015.

Ring Road improvement information and map

Waterway Street West

From Wednesday 24 September, the junction on Waterway Street West (opposite Queen's Bridge Road) will be reconfigured. As a result, lane one will be closed on Sheriffs Way outbound, and lane one on Crocus Street outbound will also be closed.

NG2 Business Park 

Works adjacent to the NG2 Business Park are affecting access to University Park if you travel from the city.

From Thursday 4 September, works will result in off-peak lane restrictions outbound on Queen's Drive. For an update on the progress of tram works in and around NG2 Business Park on Queens Drive, take a look at the PDF below.

NG2 Business Park information and map

From Monday 15 to Sunday 21 September, there will be traffic signal works and loop cutting on Queen's Drive. From 9.30am until 3.30pm, there will be lane closures inbound and outbound on Queen's Drive and Enterprise Way will be closed to traffic.

Chilwell Road update

Works on Chilwell Road are affecting access to University Park if you travel from Beeston.

Take a look at the below PDF for an overview of the continuing tram works on Chilwell Road.

Chilwell Road overview of works

Toton section and Bardills Island

On Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 September, there will be lane restrictions around Bardills Island and Toton Lane between 8pm and 5am. These lane restrictions will apply once nore between 8pm and 5am on Saturday 27 September.

From Monday 10 to Saturday 15 November, there will be surfacing works around Toton Lane and Bardills Roundabout. This will result in the full closure of Toton Lane and some lane closures to Bardills Roundabout between 8pm-6am.

Alternatives to parking on University Park campus

Those seeking an alternative to parking on University Park may wish to consider parking at another site and walking or using the hopper bus to travel to University Park.


From King’s Meadow Campus there's a bus every 30 minutes (route 902), with the first bus leaving King’s Meadow at 7.55am and the last bus leaving University Park at 6.15pm.

King's Meadow Campus 902 hopper bus timetable 2014/15

Alternatively, car parking is available at University property at 522 Derby Road and available for all permit holders to use. From Derby Road car park it’s a ten minute walk to the eastern side of University Park or the Jubilee hopper bus (route 903) passes every 30 minutes (nearest bus stop is on Triumph Road). 

Cycle to work

For those seeking an alternative to driving to campus, the University runs a cycle hire schemeCycle to Work schemes and offers various schemes for staff to purchase travel passes through payroll.

More information

The tram works will be phased and completed in sections along the two new routes. The Beeston section of line three will serve the University, with new tram stops being constructed at the Queen’s Medical Centre and along University Boulevard at the south entrance to University Park and adjacent to the Highfields Sports Ground.

Works on the proposed route through the Queen’s Medical Centre campus will include a bridge and raised tramline. 

Visuals of QMC tram and bridge



A visual of Phase Two super-imposed over aerial photographs (PDF) is also available, so you can see what the tram network development will look like once finished.  

The latest updates on how construction work affects access to the University and its facilities for staff, students and visitors will be posted on this webpage throughout the building process.

For more information on construction across Nottingham, visit the NET website.

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