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Nottingham Institute for Research in Visual Culture (NIRVC) co-ordinates the research activities of the Department and organises a vibrant programme of seminars, symposia and conferences.

Forthcoming conferences

Details of future conferences will be available here.

Recent conferences

The Flâneur Abroad: international and historical perspectives on an urban archetype
6 - 7 July 2012, University of Nottingham

A conference co-organised by the Nottingham Institute for Research in Visual Culture, and the Urban Culture Network at the University of Nottingham. More information...

Gender and the Pre-Modern City
11-12 September 2012, University of Nottingham

Engagement with the space of the pre-modern city has found particular expression in scholarship concerned with the construction of gender. This issue seeks to expand these discussions by focusing on the ways in which gender is negotiated in urban spaces anywhere in the world that predate or were unaffected by ‘modernity’ via the processes of eighteenth- and nineteenth- century Western industrialisation and globalisation. More information...

Correspondances: exchanges and tensions between art, theatre and opera in France, c.1750-1850
26-27 March 2010, National Gallery, London

This conference explores a rich field of interdisciplinary research, that of the relations between art, theatre and opera in France from the later 18C to the mid 19C. As key elements in Parisian cultural life, art, theatre and opera all underwent extensive changes during this period, adapting and responding to profound socio-political disruption and transformation from the Revolution to the Second Republic. Painting, theatre and opera all shared concerns with the representation of compelling narrative, and more specifically with choices regarding contemporary or historic subjects. One aspect of this dynamic situation was the highly permeable interface/threshold that existed between different media. More information...



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