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Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in Ancient History 2010 Report

AMPAH 2010

We would like to thank all those who attended the Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in Ancient History this year at Nottingham. The event received a good deal of positive feedback and we hope that everyone found the day both enjoyable and productive. Download this year's programme.

This year’s meeting consisted of 27 speakers from 18 universities across the United Kingdom, followed by a plenary debate on ‘Ancient History: Past, Present and Future’. As usual for AMPAH, interest in delivering papers was intense and the organisers were able to accept less than half of the proposals that were submitted. The spread of topics addressed was diverse. This year’s meeting saw panels on Greek politics; Roman politics; visual culture; classical reception; Greek warfare; religion, myth and magic; historiography; archaeology; and gender.

Papers were delivered on topics ranging from usurpers in the Seleukid Empire, reconstructing a hoplite shield, the Catilinarian conspiracy and Herodotean veracity to Pompeian erotic graffiti, religion in Roman Egypt, female genital mutilation and children’s views of antiquity in Prussian cadet-schools. The calibre of papers was as usual extremely high and the meeting was attended by nearly 100 delegates, attesting to the flourishing state and promising future of Ancient History in the UK.

The status of ancient history in the UK was precisely the topic of the plenary debate at the end of the day’s proceedings, in which Professors Tim Cornell (Manchester), Robin Osborne (Cambridge), Robert Parker (Oxford) and John Rich (Nottingham) discussed and debated the past, present and future of the subject. Of particular interest in this discussion were shifts in the definition of ‘ancient history’ across the past fifty years, topics that have become out-of-vogue, and new trends in Greek and Roman studies, as well as the possibilities allowed by new technology, pressures imposed on the subject by the RAE/REF and the new emphasis on ‘impact’, and ideas for how the topic might evolve across the next fifty years. See below for the videos from the debate:


1. Introduction: Dr Mark Bradley (Nottingham)

2. Professor Robert Parker (Oxford) 

3. Prof John Rich (Nottingham)

4. Professor Tim Cornell (Manchester)

5. Professor Robin Osborne (Cambridge)


Many thanks once again to all delegates for making the day such a success. Thanks too to the University of Nottingham’s Faculty of Arts Dean’s Fund, the Department of Classics and the Graduate School for providing the resources and space that made the conference possible. AMPAH 2011 will be hosted by University College London, and a call For papers will be issued at some point in Autumn on the Classicists List. We look forward to seeing you next year!

Ellie Glendinning and Jack Lennon (organisers)



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