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Arrival and Further Information

We are looking forward to seeing you in Nottingham in April. If you are arriving on Sunday 13th, registration begins at 1.30 in Cripps Hall, which you can find (named, in purple) on the campus map PDF format

If you arrive at Nottingham railway station, a taxi to University Park campus is about £7. The station is being refurbished, but the current phase is due to finish on 31 March. The taxi rank is currently to the right of the main exit at the front of the station. If you prefer to get a bus, Broadmarsh bus station is a five-minute walk from the railway station. There you can get Trent Barton’s Indigo service, or other bus services.

If you arrive at Beeston railway station, it is about a 25 minute walk to campus. You can usually pick up a taxi outside the station, or you could call Cable Cars on 0115 9229229.

If you are coming by car, you can park in Lincoln Hall car park, or along Beeston Lane (see campus map PDF format). Alternatively, you could go initially to the visitors' car park between Hugh Stewart Hall and Cripps Hall, register, and get your parking permit and instructions on where to go from the Hall team.

If you have not booked to stay in either Cripps or Hugh Stewart halls, alternative accommodation on the University Park campus is available at the Orchard Hotel, East Midlands Conference Centre. If you would prefer to stay off campus, details of other accommodation in Nottingham PDF format  have been provided for your information.

Tea and coffee will be available in Cripps Hall; the first main event will be the plenary lecture in Coates Road Auditorium at 5.30. Meanwhile, the wildfowl are nesting on the lake, where there is a nice cafe (open until 5), and the University Museum is open until 4 on Sundays.

If you are arriving on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, you will be able to register in the Pope building at the conference desk in rooms A13/A14.

NB. If you are staying in Halls, you will need to check out of your room by 10 on Wednesday morning, but there will be somewhere available to store suitcases.

We will be updating the information on the conference webpage regularly, and you can also follow us on Twitter for further announcements @CAconf2014 or search for #CA14.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions on

Further Information for Speakers

We are looking forward to hearing your papers. Please take the time to read the information below. If you are a participant in a round table, please look at the separate guidelines below, which are rather different from those for speakers in normal panels.

1. Length of papers. Papers should be 20 minutes, with 10 minutes for discussion. It is important that you do not over run, because delegates expect to be able to go from one panel to another and all panels need to keep to the same timings to make this possible. Chairs will be instructed to issue yellow and red cards to those who over run, and to cut people off if necessary.

2. Powerpoint and other AV. The lecture rooms are all equipped with networked computers, projectors, speakers and DVD players (usually as part of the computer). Student helpers will be on hand to help with any problems. If you are using powerpoint, it is a good idea to go along ten minutes before your panel starts and copy your powerpoint onto the desktop so it is ready to go.

3. Handouts. Please bring these with you. The conference team will not be able to copy them for you. If you need to print anything out or copy anything, we recommend the Student Union print shop, on campus in the Portland Building, a short walk from the conference venue. Numbers: It is hard to predict how many people will attend each paper. There are approximately 400 people at the conference, and nine sessions. You will therefore need a minimum of 30 handouts, but will probably be safer with 50. If you are in one of the larger venues (Coates Rd, C14, C15 and C16) this is because we thought your panel might be particularly popular, in which case you could need as many as 100 copies.

4. Accessibility. Please bear in mind that some members of your audience may be hard of hearing and others may be visually impaired. Speak up, speak slowly and speak clearly. Make sure your handout is in a decent font size (at least 11pt) and that your powerpoints do not contain too much text (about 30 words per slide is a good guide).

Round tables. These sessions are designed to be more flexible to encourage discussion. There is no need to keep to the half-hour timeslots in these and organisers can arrange with participants what they intend to do in the session.


Further Information for Chairs

Many thanks for agreeing to chair a session at Nottingham. You may well have chaired at the CA before, but please do quickly look through these reminders.

Timing: The CA conference runs nine simultaneous panels, and delegates expect to be able to move between panels, so it is essential that they keep to time, and to the order of the programme. In your room you will find yellow and red cards. If a speaker reaches 15 minutes, hand them the yellow card. When they reach 20, hand them the red card and ask them politely to stop. If a speaker does still go over time, please reduce their question time accordingly. The speakers have been contacted to ensure that they are aware of the time limits. In the unlikely event that a speaker does not arrive for some reason, please don't go straight on to the next paper, but wait and start at the allotted time. Round table discussions on Tuesday afternoon can adopt a more flexible timetable.

Discussion: The chair will lead the discussion following each paper. It will be useful to have a question prepared in case the audience don't make a start, but in most cases it won't be necessary to ask it.

Introductions: Given that time is at a premium, introductions should be kept short: where they are from, what stage of career they are at, and how this paper fits with current work (if you have that information). You should be able to get enough information from their departmental website, or by asking them in the break before or at the beginning of the session.

Beginning of panel: Please arrive five to ten minutes before the beginning of the panel to make sure all the speakers are there, and that any powerpoints are set up on the computer, preferably before the session begins. Begin promptly and don't worry about waiting for stragglers. Speakers are responsible for AV and hand-outs which they should have photocopied in advance. There will be student helpers on hand to help with any problems, and AV technicians will be available in the building.

End of panel: Please resist the temptation to let the (formal) discussion continue into the lunch or coffee break. We have an enormous number of people at the conference, and the queues will be long.

Staggered endings: In the panels before and after lunch, different panels will end at different times, as scheduled in the programme. There will also be a notice in the room in which you are chairing, suggesting that the people in this panel go to one in particular of the halls, so that queues can be managed.


Eating out/Going out in Nottingham

The University is a 10-minute bus ride from Nottingham’s buzzing city centre. There is huge amount to do and see in and around Nottingham: history, culture, country parks, sport, shopping and dining, and local events.

Restaurants in Beeston:
Amores (Italian), 137 Station Road, 0115 922 4224
Lucky’s (Cantonese), 119 High Road, 0115 922 2084
Nirvana (Indian), 146 High Road, 0115 943 6118
Sanchans (Thai), 150 High Road, 0115 922 1097
The Victoria (Pub), 85 Dovecote Lane, 0115 925 4049
Yiannis (Greek), 132, Wollaton Road, 0115 9229475

Restaurants in Nottingham:
Carluccio’s (Italian), 12 Low Pavement, 0115 947 0309
Jamie’s (Italian), 24-26 Low Pavement, 0115 822 1421
Memsaab (Indian), 12-14 Maid Marian Way, 0115 957 0009
Tarn (Thai), 9 George Street, 0115 959 9454
World Service (International), Castlegate, 0115 847 5587
Yamas (Greek), 5 Thurland Street, 0115 950 1000


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