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Fragmentary Tragedies of Sophocles

Black-figure vase showing Polyxene 

A team of 4, directed by Alan Sommerstein at the Centre for Ancient Drama and its Reception (CADRE) and including Thomas Talboy, David Fitzpatrick and Amy Clark (University of Kentucky), is engaged on assembling a new critical edition, in two volumes, of selected fragmentary plays of Sophocles, accompanied by translations and commentaries, to be published by Aris & Phillips.

The first volume, which appeared in 2006, includes Hermione, Polyxene, Syndeipnoi (The Diners), Tereus, Troilus and Phaedra. The second volume, which is expected to appear in 2010, will include Nauplios Katapleon (Nauplius' Arrival), Nauplios Pyrkaeus (Nauplius and the Beacon), Niobe, Oenomaus, Poimenes (The Shepherds), Triptolemus, Tyro Keiromene (Tyro Shorn) and Tyro Anagnorizomene (Tyro Rediscovered).

An earlier publication of the project was Shards from Kolonos: Studies in Sophoclean Fragments, a collection of twenty papers from an international conference on Sophoclean fragments held at Nottingham in July 2000, published by Levante Editori in 2003. Information about the AHRC-funded project, Fragmentary Tragedies of Sophocles, directed by Alan Sommerstein.




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