Department of Classics

Research specialisms

Our research interests cover a broad range of topics in the study of Classical Antiquity, and members of the Department welcome enquiries from potential research students, post-doctoral researchers or academic collaborators in these specialist areas.

Key research strengths and expertise

The research interests of our Emeritus Professors and Honorary Research Fellows are also listed below.  

Greek History and Society

Greek history and society

Greek Literature

Greek literature

Roman History and Society

Roman history and society

  • Doug Lee: Late Antiquity especially warfare, religion
  • Mark Bradley: Late Republic and early Empire cultural and intellectual history
  • Carl Buckland: Imperial History and Culture
  • Simon Malloch: Late Republican and early Imperial history
  • Alex Mullen: Iron Age and Roman North-western Provinces
Latin Literature

Latin literature

Greek and Roman Art and Visual Culture

Greek and Roman art and visual culture

  • Katharina Lorenz: mythological imagery; Late Classical Greek Vase-Painting and Sculpture
  • Andreas Kropp: Hellenistic and Roman Near East; Roman provincial coinage; portraiture in the Greek East
  • Mark Bradley: colour and visual perception in the Roman World
  • Lynn Fotheringham: visual narrative
Classical Tradition, Reception and Comparative Studies

Classical tradition, reception and comparative studies

  • Simon Malloch: Classical scholarship
  • Philip Davies: Classical scholarship
Roman History and Society




Emeritus Professors and Honorary Research Fellows

  • John Drinkwater: Roman Gaul; the West in Late Antiquity; the Office of Emperor
  • Wolf Liebeschuetz: Late Antiquity, Settlement of Barbarians
  • Jim Roy: History of Ancient Greece
  • John Salmon: Greek History
  • John Rich: Roman Republican-Early Imperial history; Roman warfare
  • Alan Sommerstein: Greek Drama; the Oath in Archaic and Classical Greece


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