Centre for Mathematical Medicine and Biology

Progress in Neural Field Theory 2012

Thursday 19th (09:00) - Saturday 21st April 2012 (15:00)
 Natalie Lowery or Alexander Moodey
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The University of Reading's Centre for Integrative Neuroscience and Neurodynamics is hosting the second Neural Fields Conference. Prof Stephen Coombes is a member of the Scientific Committee.

Neural Computation and Neural Field Theory is a growing and very active area of research with important applications in medicine and technology. Activities range from numerical simulation of large-scale discretised neural fields to analytical treatment of neural field equations by means of functional analysis, from modeling and identification of cognitive and psychological processes in a neural environment to building natural or artificial devices. The community includes researchers from medicine, psychology, physics, mathematics and engineering, where ideas from different fields lead to a truly interdisciplinary and highly catalyzing environment. On this background the Reading Conferences on Neural Field Theory contribute to the further development and shaping of the community by bringing together well-known and young researchers in an inspiring mixture of tutorials, special sessions and invited talks by leaders in the field.

Attendance is free but registration is required.

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