Supplier payments

The University of Nottingham’s Payments Centre is responsible for processing supplier invoices and arranging all payments that are not payroll related.


Suppliers should be aware that invoices must quote a University purchase order to ensure that payments are generated with the minimum of delay. The order number should be provided by a University representative at the time of requesting goods and/or services.

If a supplier is self employed, then an order number will not be provided as each invoice has to be validated for self employment status. This is a requirement of HMRC imposed on the University. In this case, invoices should be sent for manual approval to the department requesting that supplier’s services. Invoices are then individually assessed by the University’s Payroll Section to ensure compliance with HMRC regulations before a payment can be made.

An alternative to providing a purchase order is for a University representative to purchase goods and/or services using a purchasing card. If so, this will be made clear at the time of purchase.

A purchasing card is issued to members of staff to enable them to make low value, high volume purchases or for ad-hoc purchases without the need to process a purchase order or to request an invoice from the supplier. For further details on the use of purchasing cards please visit the procurement website (internal access only).

Suppliers who wish to partake in the purchasing card scheme should contact their bank to find out about implementation. However, if you wish to discuss this further please email procurement@nottingham.ac.uk in the first instance.




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