Supplier payments

The University of Nottingham’s Payment Services is responsible for processing supplier invoices and arranging all payments that are not payroll related including:

    • Supplier payments
    • Student payments
    • Bursaries
    • Non staff expense forms ONLY
    • School of Nursing expenses
    • Refunds (i.e. over payment of fees, student deposits)

Any other staff expenses are processed via Travel and Expense Services and salary payments are processed via Payroll Services


Goods and services should not be provided to the University without a valid purchase order number quoted at the time of request.

Please can you ensure the purchase order number is quoted on your invoices. Any invoices without a purchase order will be rejected.

In order that we can offer the best possible service and process all payments, with effect from 1 October 2014 we will be making weekly payment runs to hit bank accounts every Friday.

Please ensure that all amendments are with us no later than Tuesday of every week unless otherwise stated

Urgent/Critical payment request for same day payment, must reach Payment Services by no later than 12pm that day (excluding student hardship payments). Any request received after the deadline will not be processed until the next business working day.


If a supplier is self employed, then an order number will not be provided as each invoice has to be validated for self employment status. This is a requirement of HMRC imposed on the University. In this case, invoices should be sent for manual approval to the department requesting that supplier’s services. Invoices are then individually assessed by the University’s Payroll Section to ensure compliance with HMRC regulations before a payment can be made.

Please be advised that any changes to supplier/student bank account details will now need supporting documentation. For suppliers we are no longer able to accept master data changes in text form on an email, this must be advised on a letter head.  For students, we must receive formal notification from your school.



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