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GEP in China Conferences


4th-5th November 2016
9th GEP China Conference 'China and the Deglobalising World Economy'


6th-7th November 2015 
8th GEP China Conference 'China and the Global Economy'


6th -7th November 2014 
7th GEP China Conference 'China's Growth in the Global Economy'



5th November 2013 
HKU - University of Nottingham International Trade Workshop 

7th and 8th November 2013 6th GEP China / ifo / CEPII Conference on Structural Change and Trade Efficiency 



30th and 31st October 2012
5th GEP Conference in China 'Port Logistics, International Trade and Innovation'

2nd November 2012 4th Annual GEP / GRI / KIEP Joint Conference on  International Trade




18th May 2011
Joint conference with GEP / Zhejiang University on 'Trade Costs, Economic Geography and Firm Heterogeneity'

31st October 2011
GEP/City University Hong Kong Conference on 'International Trade'

2nd November 2011
GEP/Korea University/KIEP Joint Conference on 'International Trade' 

3rd and 4th November 2011
4th GEP Annual Globalisation Forum 'China's External Economic Relations'



9th and 10th November 2010
3rd GEP Conference in China 'Enterprise and Labour Market Adjustment in China's Transition'

12th November 2010
International Conference at Korea University on 'Production, Network, Trade and Investment in East Asia' 




10th and 11th November 2009
The Second GEP Conference in China 'The Global Financial Crisis'

13th November 2009
Conference on 'The Global Financial Crisis & International Trade and Financial Architecture' (held at Korea University)



6th and 7th November 2008
The Inaugural GEP Conference in China 'China and the World Economy'



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