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High Performance Computing

The HPC facility is a vital tool for an increasing number of researchers who need easy access to substantial computing resources. Information from academic staff indicates that projects using the HPC have been worth approximately £27 million in grant income to the University since 2007.

The facility is actually a cluster of computers, which can work together to drastically reduce the time required to perform large scale calculations. It has the potential to take a calculation that would last a year on a single PC, and provide the answer in a few hours. Alternatively, it can do many hundreds of smaller calculations simultaneously, depending on user requirements.      

HPC at Nottingham

HPC at Nottingham is a key part of our research and institutional e-infrastructure, and underpins many of the objectives of our Research and Knowledge Transfer Strategy, including:

  • conducting world-leading research
  • recruiting and retaining the best staff and graduate students with a world-class research environment
  • accelerating the output and development of early career researchers
  • improving funding success rates
  • maintaining continuity of research and mitigating funding gaps
  • promoting inter-disciplinary research

A university-level HPC is a highly efficient way of supporting these objectives, providing economies of scale and equality of access across the University’s research community. The HPC can also be used to support collaborative research projects undertaken in conjunction with other organisations, with researchers from other institutions able to access the system via an associate account.

Research at Nottingham that is reliant on HPC encompasses a range of challenging scientific problems, all of which have the potential to enhance the competitiveness of UK business and industry, have a significant impact on society, and contribute to Nottingham’s status as a world leader in science and engineering. 

Existing users of the HPC include academic staff working across several of our Research and Knowledge Transfer Priority Groups, including Operations in a Digital World, Clinical Translational Research, Drug Discovery and Biomedical Imaging.

Who is the HPC service for?

The HPC service is available to any research student or member of academic staff, from any School or Faculty, who has the need for compute resource substantially greater than a standard PC. 

This includes those who can run their applications on a PC, but find the calculations tie up their machine for an excessive amount of time, as well as those who need more processors and/or computer memory. 

Further Information

The main source of information on the HPC service is the HPC workspace, accessible to all University staff and students. 

As well as documentation on how to access and use the service, it has information on training courses, background information on the facility, and links to sources of further information.












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