July 2017


Twenty year aerospace partnership given further funding boost

The University of Nottingham is set to receive a share of £138million to strengthen research and business partnerships. The funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) is split into two major investments- Prosperity Partnerships and Impact Acceleration Accounts (IAA) - announced by Jo Johnson, Minister for Universities and Science. Both investments aim to show the pivotal importance of engineering and the physical sciences to Britain's development as a global research and innovation leader.

Perfecting the Pipers crisp

When Pipers Crisps — one of Britain's best-known crisp brands — wanted to understand more about the science behind their premium products and processes they turned to food experts at the University of Nottingham.

Honorary degree for plant pioneer

World leading botanist and pioneer of plant cell research, Professor Edward Cocking has been awarded an honorary Doctor of Science degree from the University of Nottingham in recognition of his achievements in the field of botanical research.

Young people share experiences of self-harm at unique event

Young people who have experienced self-harm will join researchers from the University of Nottingham to share their experiences of being part of a unique research project at an event on the 23rd July at The Contemporary.

Nottingham awarded £9.4m for new research centre for power electronics and machines

The University of Nottingham has been awarded £9.4 million by the Higher Education Funding Council for England through the UK Research Partnership Investment Fund (UKRPIF), which provides funding for capital projects that can attract significant investment from private partners.

Lifeline for baby - but how does the placenta ensure your fetus is fed?

The placenta is vital in the transfer of the right amount of nutrition and oxygen from the mother to the baby. Any disturbance to the flow of blood could affect the delivery of vital nutrients restricting fetal growth. If the placenta is not working properly this can lead to pre-eclampsia.

Graduation celebrations for the Class of 2017

Talented University of Nottingham students receiving their degree certificates at this year's Summer Graduation ceremony will be rubbing shoulders with a Hollywood actress and a Michelin Starred chef.

Drinkers will go cuckoo for new beers

Beer-lovers in Nottingham and Derby will be able to sample two exciting new brews and get the first taste of a new hop variety never used before commercially thanks to a brewing project run by the University of Nottingham.

Global slavery expert is honoured by Prince Charles

Professor Kevin Bales — a leading figure in the anti-slavery movement —has been appointed a Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George. The honour is recognition for work he has done and continues to do as part of the Human Rights Research Beacon at the University of Nottingham.The honour comes just ahead of £200m the University is investing in research, some of which will help the fight against modern slavery.

Professional pride is key to repairing banking's image, study finds

New Chartered Banker Professionalism Index has found that qualified bankers have a very high level of professional pride in their work compared to non-qualified counterparts. Research reveals this is the key to repairing the image of the industry which has attracted public hostility since the global financial crisis.

Nottingham research plays key role in malaria breakthrough

Science initiated in Nottingham has helped to form the foundation for the latest breakthrough in the global fight against malaria.

Wiki breakthrough for researchers

Researchers at the Institute of Mental Health, based at The University of Nottingham, have created a one-step process of getting the best research evidence directly into Wikipedia – helping all those seeking information on their health condition and treatment.

The murky world of the hand car wash

The sight of people cleaning cars in disused petrol stations and by the side of the road is now a common scene in towns and cities across the country, but have you ever stopped and thought about whether the person polishing your car is being treated fairly?Up and down the country 'cheap' car washes are being exposed as 'hives' of modern slavery. Employees are being poorly paid, are being provided with little or no protective equipment and are made to work long hours without breaks.

Quantum sensors herald new generation of wearable brain imaging systems

Revolutionising the world of human brain imaging.

Fighting slavery from space

Members of the public have been helping experts from the University of Nottingham in their mission to end slavery, by tracking potential sites of exploitation from space.The University launched its 'Slavery from Space' project last month (May), which has been looking for volunteers to help researchers trawl through tons of satellite images to look for, and mark brick kilns.
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