Department of Philosophy

Welcome to the Department of Philosophy

Tower of Babel   

Welcome to the Department of Philosophy

Tower of Babel

Welcome to the School of Humanities

Nick Baron
Nick Baron
Director of Postgraduate Research, School of Humanities

Warm words of welcome to all those of you who are entering the School of Humanities as postgraduate students this October!

If you are one of our own graduates returning to take a second degree with us, we are delighted to have you back once again in the fold – thank you for the confidence you have put in us. If you are new to Nottingham and the department we hope that you settle in quickly and enjoy all the University and City have to offer.

What to do now

Set up your e-profile

As a school we are keen to ensure that all postgraduate research students have updated profiles on the university’s E-Staff Profile pages, so that they appear in our ‘People’ pages on the department’s websites.

Please follow the instructions, below, in order to enter your profile

Log in to the e-profile

1. Log in using your usual username and password.  Do not set up a ‘non-staff’ account – just log in on the first screen using the same details you use to log into the university network.

2. Click on the box that says ‘Click Here for E Staff Profile’.  It comes up with your general contact details.  Some of the information is fixed, but you can add additional information where there are empty boxes, if you wish. When entering a phone number please insert the international dialling code, +44.

3. Then, from the menu on the left hand side, click on ‘University Memberships’.  It is very important that you ensure you are part of the correct group, otherwise your details won’t be displayed on the website.  Click on the drop down arrow in the ‘Group’ box.  Scroll down to the section titled ‘Departments’, and then select Philosophy.

Once you have selected your main ‘Group’, the ‘Role’ box below that will then be activated – hit the down arrow and select ‘Postgraduate Student’ (don’t select PGR Student). Then hit ‘Request Membership’.

4. From the menu on the left hand side, select ‘Research Summaries’ and then enter details of your research. From here you can then populate the various sections from the left hand side as appropriate.

5. If you would like to add a photo to your profile please email this to Vicki Morris and we will be able to upload this for you.

Once you have completed this, it can take a little while (sometimes overnight) for your profile to show on the Department web pages

Having followed this process and waiting 24 hours, if for any reason your profile still does not appear please email Vicki.


Your week one timetable

Download the Philosophy Week One Timetable

Key Staff in the Department of Philosophy


Head of Department

Welcome to the Department of Philosophy! We hope that you settle in quickly and enjoy all the Department, school and city has to offer. You’ll find us a very friendly and welcoming place. We hope you will get involved in the research seminars, conferences, reading groups, workshops etc. There is loads to choose from! Our postgraduates get offered good academic and non-academic jobs, publish papers with members of staff and present work at conferences. As a department we are here to support you in this as best we can. So please do let us know if there is anything we can do to make your experience even better.

I’m a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and have won the University teaching award twice. Teaching and thinking about teaching is my thing! I work on the philosophy of education, philosophy for children, and metaethics. I am currently writing, with my PhD student Mark Dimmock, an A-level philosophy text book on ethics. I have papers in various journals, and published a number of books. 

Lina Jansson
Director of Postgraduate Studies

My main research interest revolves around questions about the nature of explanation. This has led me to work on issues in the history and philosophy science, the philosophy of physics, and in metaphysics. I have worked on the debate over the status of Newton's theory of gravity, problems for causal accounts of explanation, how to allow laws of nature to do explanatory work independently of causal underpinnings, and how to account for our judgements of antisymmetry in specific cases that motivate the introduction of notions such as ontological dependence and ground.  In upcoming work I will address the role of explanation in theory confirmation more broadly.

I look forward to meeting all of you in person during your first week here, but you should also feel free to stop by my office (C13) if you have questions about the programme. 




Find out where you are going


The Department of Philosophy is located in the Humanities Building (building number 55 on the University Park Campus map).

Department of Philosophy
Humanities Building
University Park

You can download a campus map to help you find your way. 


Student Support

Student Welfare Officers

Student Welfare Officers are available at any of the Student Service Centres on campus, although in the School we also have dedicated Student Welfare Officers – Laura Miller and Amreen Aslam – whose role it is to offer pastoral support to any students in difficulty, and to be a central point of contact to help ensure students make contact with the right support services.

The key things the Student Welfare Officers can advise on include:

  • Any welfare concerns you may be having
  • Any matters which may affect your studies
  • How to access support at the University

Laura and Amreen have office hours each week day based in Humanities A23a. You can arrange to see Laura and Amreen by emailing them directly or through any of the Student Service Centres. 

Disability Liaison Officers

Each School appoints a Disability Liaison Officer (DLO) to provide a point of reference, advice and guidance for members of staff and students in the School about disability issues and support.

Disability Liaison Officers

Each School appoints a Disability Liaison Officer (DLO) to provide a point of reference, advice and guidance for members of staff and students in the School about disability issues and support.

Find out more about your Disability Liaison Officer

Services for students who have a disability, dyslexia and/or a long-term medical condition 

The University is strongly committed to equality of opportunity in its provision for all students. It is committed to providing on-going support with the focus on providing accessible services and supporting students in completing their courses to their potential. Full information on the range of support and services available for students is available here:

Student Services 




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