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Stephen Barker

Associate Professor and Reader in Philosophy, Faculty of Arts


Expertise Summary

Before joining the Department, Stephen Barker held post-doc positions at Monash University Australia, UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico) and the University of Tasmania. He works on the philosophy of language, metaphysics and metaethics and can often be heard proclaiming his slogans: No quantification theory! No sense/force distinction! No semantics of conditions! No metaphysics!

Recent Publications

  • STEPHEN BARKER and MARK JAGO, 2014. Monism and Material Constitution Pacific Philosophical Quarterly.
  • STEPHEN BARKER, 2014. 'Semantic Paradox and Alethic Undecidability' Analysis. (In Press.)
  • STEPHEN BARKER, 2014. 'Pure versus Hybrid Expressivism and the Enigma of Conventional Implicature'. In: Having it Both Ways: Hybrid Theories and Modern
Metaethics (eds: Guy Fletcher and Mike Ridge.). Oxford University Press. (In Press.)
  • STEPHEN BARKER, 2013. 'Forget Semantics: How Speech-act Theory and Expressivism Illuminate Names with Non-Existing Referents' Monist. (In Press.)

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