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School of Physics and Astronomy Colloquia

This Colloquium series hosts prominent scientists who will discuss some of the newest developments in physics and astronomy. It is aimed at a general physics audience at a level accessible to physics PhD students.

All Colloquia will be held in Physics building at 4pm followed by refreshments in room C10.


Academic year 2016/2017

26/10/2016 Dr Mark Richards Imperial College, London Interdisciplinary research as a viable tool for engaging young people from non-traditional backgrounds in STEM, through outreach and public engagement.    B13

Professor Bill Unruh

University of British Columbia

 Analogues for Horizons





Prof Klemens Hammerer


Prof Dr Joerg Schmiedmayer




Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Hannover

Vienna Center for Quantum Science and Technology

Special Double Colloquium:Inaugural event of the "Centre for the Mathematics and Theoretical Physics of Quantum Non-Equilibrium Systems".

4:00 Strong Interactions of Light and Matter - From Gravitational Wave Detectors to Entanglement-Enhanced Quantum Feedback Control.

4:45 Does an isolated quantum system relax?




Dr Jacob Sherson

CODER Department of Physics and Astronomy, Aarhus University Ny

Using online computer games for quantum optimization tasks.

25/01/2017 Prof Stephen Fairhurst Cardiff University Gravitational Waves: A new window on the Universe. B13
22/02/2017 Prof Gianluca Gagliardi National Institute of Optics (INO), Italian Research Council Physical and chemical sensing with solid and liquid optical resonators. B13
28/06/2017 Prof Carlos Frenk Durham University A conclusive test of cold dark matter? B13

Previous academic year 

15/10/2015 Prof Ursula Martin, University of Cambridge
28/10/2015 Prof John Ellis, King's College London
25/11/2015 Prof Wilson Poon, University of Edinburgh
9/12/2015 Dr Christian Gross, Max Planck Institute of Quantum Oprics
27/01/2016 Prof Edwards Hinds, Imperial College, London
18/02/2016 Prof Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler, University of Mainz
09/03/2016 Prof Carl M.Bender, Washington University in St Louis
25/05/2016 Dr Alexey Potapov, University of Nottingham
08/06/2016 Prof Robert Kennicutt FRS, University of Cambridge, Institute of Astronomy



Juan P. Garrahan (Condensed-matter theory)

Philip Moriarty (Experimental CM/Nanoscience)

Matthew Brookes (Magnetic Resonance)

Lucia Hackermüller (Cold Atoms)

David Maltby (Astronomy)

Tony Padilla (Particle Theory)

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