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Student at careers fair.Physics underpins most science and technology, but the range of careers entered by physics and astronomy graduates is far wider than even this fact would suggest. Many employers see a physics graduate as someone who has demonstrated an ability to work through a demanding course of study and who will have acquired a variety of technical and other transferable skills. The range of careers enjoyed by our graduates and their success in finding suitable positions is a measure of how many employers appreciate the value of a physics degree. This appreciation is reflected in the lucrative salaries that graduates from this School can typically expect, even at the start of their careers. In fact a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers shows that Physics, Chemistry and Engineering graduates are the highest paid after Medicine and Law graduates.

Over 50 % of our graduates go directly into professional employment. The range of jobs that they take up is very wide, including software engineering, management consultancy, financial services, and research and development in high technology based industries. Thirty percent of our graduates take higher degrees (20% do Ph.D.'s, the others various M.Sc. conversion courses and the P.G.C.E.) .Of the remainder, nearly 10% opt to take a year off after graduation to do voluntary service or simply to travel.

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Career Services within the School of Physics & Astronomy

In addition to the extensive career support offered by the Centre for Career Development at the University of Nottingham, the School of Physics and Astronomy offers career services tailored to physics students.

Placement work opportunities

Summer holiday and other placement work is an invaluable opportunity to broaden the experience and skill of undergraduate students. This will help making decisions about a future career, identify required skills, familiarise with the working environment and develop contact networks. The School of Physics and Astronomy has developed a database of companies and other institutions offering placement work and internship and is prepared to help students taking decisions.

List of placement work opportunities


Tthere are workshops for all Faculty of Science students, organised by the careers service.

See www.nottingham.ac.uk/careers  for more information.

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