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Priority Setting Partnerships

Working in partnership with patients, carers and healthcare professionals to produce better research
Clinical research hasn't always focused on answering the questions that matter most to the people affected by a condition, or those who care for them. By performing a Priority Setting Partnership, we can find out which research questions are most important to patients, their carers and healthcare professionals.

We have conducted Priority Setting Partnerships for atopic eczema, vitiligo and cellulitis, and have supported a number of other Priority Setting Partnerships for skin diseases.

We are currently involved in the ongoing Priority Setting Partnership for Psoriasis.

If you're thinking about conducting a Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) for a skin disease and would like help or advice, please contact us

This psoriasis Priority Setting Partnership is currently ongoing.

The Eczema Priority Setting Partnership began in April 2011 and held its final priority setting workshop in January 2012.

The James Lind Alliance Vitiligo Priority Setting Partnership began in April 2009 and held its final priority setting workshop in March 2010. 

The James Lind Alliance Cellulitis Priority Setting Partnership began its process in January 2016 and is currently ongoing.


  For further information about Priority Setting Partnerships, visit the James Lind Alliance website.

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