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ENQUIRE is the postgraduate journal and conference of the School of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Nottingham.

Run by postgraduates, ENQUIRE is a high quality online journal for the social sciences which provides an encouraging and exciting space for postgraduate academic research from the UK and worldwide.

We hope to fill a gap in the postgraduate research world by providing a critical, quality-oriented, but nevertheless supportive and motivating procedure for publications by postgraduate students, post-doctoral students and beyond.


ENQUIRE seeks to reflect the research interests and focuses of the academics and postgraduate researchers within the School of Sociology and Social Policy. This includes identities, migration, social and public policy, social work and science and technology studies.

We furthermore hope to build up networks of academic discussion and support in the UK and worldwide. To ensure a high standard of our publications, all submissions are anonymously peer-reviewed and feedback is given in any case.


ENQUIRE is run by a team of dedicated postgraduate researchers from the School of Sociology and Social Policy. Our structure is focused on delivering our objectives of a high quality, peer-reviewed electronic journal of social sciences and our annual conference.

We work to ensure these objectives are met, with a further group of postgraduate researchers providing support and guidance based on their previous experiences of working on ENQUIRE projects.


  • James Pattison
  • Helen Woods
  • Georgia Todd
  • Sam Rosen


The ENQUIRE Blog is an open platform primarily for postgraduate social sciences researchers to share their research, theoretical or methodological reflections with the world. We are very keen on featuring discussions on pressing contemporary social issues.

The blog is run by postgraduate researchers in the School of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Nottingham. We welcome submissions from postgraduate students and early career academics from all social sciences related disciplines and from any academic institution.

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