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Centre of Theology and Philosophy

The department houses the prestigious Centre of Theology and Philosophy (CoTP), which is a focus for conferences and seminars that bring together researchers from across the globe, creating an active research culture with national and international connections.

The centre, directed by Prof John Milbank, investigates the historical interaction between theology and philosophy, the current relation between the disciplines, the analytic/continental divide and the question of the status of metaphysics.

Other centre staff include:

Centre for Bible, Ethics and Theology

The Centre for Bible Ethics and Theology (CBET) has grown out of a strong desire to combine research in biblical studies with work in philosophical and systematic theology, especially in ethics.

The centre is directed by Dr Carly Crouch and Prof Roland Deines and exists to promote the idea of the Bible as the first principle that can and should provide the backbone of contemporary theological discussions of belief and practice.

Other centre staff include:


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