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Andreia Moura

Assistant Professor in Clinical Nutrition, Faculty of Science



Andreia has been employed as an Assistant Professor in Clinical Nutrition at the University of Nottingham since October 2021. Her responsibilities include teaching and tutoring/supervising students at the BSc and MSc levels. Her professional career started in 2010 as a dietitian in Sao Paulo, after obtaining a bachelor's degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from Sao Camilo University and a postgraduate specialization in 'Obesity management: A multidisciplinary approach' from UNIFESP. She worked over five years developing nutrition education programmes and health campaigns in schools, food assistance programmes and outpatient clinics. Other responsibilities included being involved in multidisciplinary primary care for the nutritional treatment of individuals of all ages and with various medical conditions. Most clinical treatments concerned overweight, obesity and metabolic syndrome. Furthermore, thanks to her expertise, Andreia participated in round tables, talk shows and documentaries about childhood obesity. Eager to broaden her horizons, Andreia obtained a Master of Science in Nutrition and Public Health, magna cum laude, at Ghent University (Belgium) in 2017, after which she gained international public health experience as a Policy and Programmes intern at the International Diabetes Federation (Brussels). In November 2021 she obtained a PhD in Social Sciences specialized in families' healthy eating from the MAPP Centre/BSS department at Aarhus University (Denmark). Her PhD was part of the EU project "Edulia: Bringing down barriers to children's healthy eating", in which she investigated healthy eating from the spectrum of the social sciences. Andreia's research involved sociology of (over)eating, behavioural techniques to improve public health, nudging strategies as well as food and nutrition interventions for families.

Expertise Summary

Obesity prevention and management

Metabolic syndrome

Public health nutrition

Behavioural nutrition

Community development project

School meals and food assistance programs

Selected Publications

Past Research

I have research experience with the following topics:

Behavioural strategies to promote healthier eating

Eating patterns in the transition to parenthood

Family nutritional interventions

Gendered practices and maternal culpabilization for childhood obesity

Cross-country studies

Quantitative and qualitative methodologies

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