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Osvaldo Chara

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science


Recent Publications

  • CECCARELLI, ALBERTO S., BORGES, AUGUSTO and CHARA, OSVALDO, 2022. Size matters: tissue size as a marker for a transition between reaction–diffusion regimes in spatio-temporal distribution of morphogens Royal Society Open Science. 9(1), 211112
  • RIQUELME-GUZMÁN, CAMILO, SCHUEZ, MARITTA, BÖHM, ALEXANDER, KNAPP, DUNJA, EDWARDS-JORQUERA, SANDRA, CECCARELLI, ALBERTO S., CHARA, OSVALDO, RAUNER, MARTINA and SANDOVAL-GUZMÁN, TATIANA, 2022. Postembryonic development and aging of the appendicular skeleton in Ambystoma mexicanum Developmental Dynamics. 251(6), 1015-1034
  • OLIVEIRA, CATARINA R, KNAPP, DUNJA, ELEWA, AHMED, GERBER, TOBIAS, GONZALEZ MALAGON, SANDRA G, GATES, PHILLIP B, WALTERS, HANNAH E, PETZOLD, ANDREAS, ARCE, HERNAN, CORDOBA, RODRIGO C and OTHERS, 2022. Tig1 regulates proximo-distal identity during salamander limb regeneration Nature communications. 13(1), 1-16
  • JUAN M. F. FERN'ANDEZ, DAMI'AN N. SPAGNUOLO, MAR'IA T. POLITI, IV'AN A. TELLO SANTACRUZ, MIGUEL SCHIAVONE, C'ESAR C'ACERES MONI'E, HORACIO A. AVACA and OSVALDO CHARA, 2022. Vectorcardiography-derived index allows a robust quantification of ventricular electrical synchrony Scientific Reports. 12(1),
  • BERNDT, NICOLE, WOLF, CHRISTINE, FISCHER, KRISTINA, COSTA, EMANUEL CURA, KNUSCHKE, PETER, ZIMMERMANN, NICK, SCHMIDT, FRANZISKA, MERKEL, MARTIN, CHARA, OSVALDO, LEE-KIRSCH, MIN AE and OTHERS, 2022. Photosensitivity and cGAS-Dependent IFN-1 Activation in Patients with Lupus and TREX1 Deficiency Journal of Investigative Dermatology. 142(3), 633-640
  • CURA COSTA, EMANUEL, OTSUKI, LEO, RODRIGO ALBORS, AIDA, TANAKA, ELLY M and CHARA, OSVALDO, 2021. Spatiotemporal control of cell cycle acceleration during axolotl spinal cord regeneration eLife. 10, e55665
  • MUÑOZ-NAVA, LUIS MANUEL, ALVAREZ, HUGO ARIEL, FLORES-FLORES, MARYCRUZ, CHARA, OSVALDO and NAHMAD, MARCOS, 2020. A dynamic cell recruitment process drives growth of the Drosophila wing by overscaling the vestigial expression pattern Developmental biology. 462(2), 141-151
  • MEDELNIK, JAN-PHILIP, ROENSCH, KATHLEEN, OKAWA, SATOSHI, DEL SOL, ANTONIO, CHARA, OSVALDO, MCHEDLISHVILI, LEVAN and TANAKA, ELLY M, 2018. Signaling-dependent control of apical membrane size and self-renewal in rosette-stage human neuroepithelial stem cells Stem cell reports. 10(6), 1751-1765
  • CHARA, OSVALDO, BORGES, AUGUSTO, MILHIET, PIERRE-EMMANUEL, NÖLLMANN, MARCELO and CATTONI, DIEGO I, 2018. Sequence-dependent catalytic regulation of the SpoIIIE motor activity ensures directionality of DNA translocation Scientific reports. 8(1), 1-10
  • KÖNIG, NADJA, FIEHN, CHRISTOPH, WOLF, CHRISTINE, SCHUSTER, MAX, COSTA, EMANUEL CURA, TÜNGLER, VICTORIA, ALVAREZ, HUGO ARIEL, CHARA, OSVALDO, ENGEL, KERSTIN, GOLDBACH-MANSKY, RAPHAELA and OTHERS, 2017. Familial chilblain lupus due to a gain-of-function mutation in STING Annals of the rheumatic diseases. 76(2), 468-472
  • ROST, FABIAN, ALBORS, AIDA RODRIGO, MAZUROV, VLADIMIR, BRUSCH, LUTZ, DEUTSCH, ANDREAS, TANAKA, ELLY M and CHARA, OSVALDO, 2016. Accelerated cell divisions drive the outgrowth of the regenerating spinal cord in axolotls Elife. 5,
  • CURRIE, JOSHUA D, KAWAGUCHI, AKANE, TRASPAS, RICARDO MORENO, SCHUEZ, MARITTA, CHARA, OSVALDO and TANAKA, ELLY M, 2016. Live imaging of axolotl digit regeneration reveals spatiotemporal choreography of diverse connective tissue progenitor pools Developmental cell. 39(4), 411-423
  • VITALI, VICTORIA, SUTKA, MOIRA, AMODEO, GABRIELA, CHARA, OSVALDO and OZU, MARCELO, 2016. The water to solute permeability ratio governs the osmotic volume dynamics in beetroot vacuoles Frontiers in plant science. 7, 1388
  • LEAL DENIS, M FLORENCIA, ALVAREZ, H ARIEL, LAURI, NATALIA, ALVAREZ, CORA L, CHARA, OSVALDO and SCHWARZBAUM, PABLO J, 2016. Dynamic regulation of cell volume and extracellular ATP of human erythrocytes PloS one. 11(6), e0158305
  • CATTONI, DIEGO I, CHARA, OSVALDO, KAUFMAN, SERGIO B and GONZÁLEZ FLECHA, F LUIS, 2015. Cooperativity in binding processes: New insights from phenomenological modeling PloS one. 10(12), e0146043
  • ALBORS, AIDA RODRIGO, TAZAKI, AKIRA, ROST, FABIAN, NOWOSHILOW, SERGEJ, CHARA, OSVALDO and TANAKA, ELLY M, 2015. Planar cell polarity-mediated induction of neural stem cell expansion during axolotl spinal cord regeneration elife. 4, e10230
  • CHARA, OSVALDO and BRUSCH, LUTZ, 2015. Mathematical modelling of fluid transport and its regulation at multiple scales Biosystems. 130, 1-10
  • GÜNTHER, CLAUDIA, KIND, BARBARA, REIJNS, MARTIN AM, BERNDT, NICOLE, MARTINEZ-BUENO, MANUEL, WOLF, CHRISTINE, TÜNGLER, VICTORIA, CHARA, OSVALDO, LEE, YOUNG AE, HÜBNER, NORBERT and OTHERS, 2015. Defective removal of ribonucleotides from DNA promotes systemic autoimmunity The Journal of clinical investigation. 125(1), 413-424
  • CHARA, OSVALDO, TANAKA, ELLY M and BRUSCH, LUTZ, 2014. Mathematical modeling of regenerative processes Current Topics in Developmental Biology. 108, 283-317
  • BLANCO, MARÍA VALERIA, CATTONI, DIEGO IGNACIO, CARRIQUIRIBORDE, PEDRO, GRIGERA, JOSÉ RAÚL and CHARA, OSVALDO, 2014. Kinetics of bioaccumulation of heavy metals in Odontesthes bonariensis is explained by a single and common mechanism Ecological modelling. 274, 50-56
  • ROENSCH, KATHLEEN, TAZAKI, AKIRA, CHARA, OSVALDO and TANAKA, ELLY M, 2013. Progressive specification rather than intercalation of segments during limb regeneration Science. 342(6164), 1375-1379
  • CATTONI, DIEGO I, CHARA, OSVALDO, GODEFROY, CÉDRIC, MARGEAT, EMMANUEL, TRIGUEROS, SONIA, MILHIET, PIERRE-EMMANUEL and NÖLLMANN, MARCELO, 2013. SpoIIIE mechanism of directional translocation involves target search coupled to sequence-dependent motor stimulation EMBO reports. 14(5), 473-479
  • TÜNGLER, VICTORIA, STAROSKE, WOLFGANG, KIND, BARBARA, DOBRICK, MANUELA, KRETSCHMER, STEFANIE, SCHMIDT, FRANZISKA, KRUG, CLAUDIA, LORENZ, MIKE, CHARA, OSVALDO, SCHWILLE, PETRA and OTHERS, 2013. Single-stranded nucleic acids promote SAMHD1 complex formation Journal of molecular medicine. 91(6), 759-770
  • OZU, MARCELO, ALVAREZ, H ARIEL, MCCARTHY, ANDRÉS N, GRIGERA, J RAÚL and CHARA, OSVALDO, 2013. Molecular dynamics of water in the neighborhood of aquaporins European Biophysics Journal. 42(4), 223-239
  • LUKSCH, HELLA, ROMANOWSKI, MICHAEL J, CHARA, OSVALDO, TÜNGLER, VICTORIA, CAFFARENA, ERNESTO R, HEYMANN, MICHAEL C, LOHSE, PETER, AKSENTIJEVICH, IVONA, REMMERS, ELAINE F, FLECKS, SILVANA and OTHERS, 2013. Naturally Occurring Genetic Variants of Human Caspase-1 Differ Considerably in Structure and the Ability to Activate Interleukin-1$beta$ Human mutation. 34(1), 122-131
  • BRUSCA, MARIA I, IRASTORZA, RAMIRO M, CATTONI, DIEGO I, OZU, MARCELO and CHARA, OSVALDO, 2013. Mechanisms of interaction between Candida albicans and Streptococcus mutans: an experimental and mathematical modelling study Acta Odontologica Scandinavica. 71(3-4), 416-423
  • FERRARA, C GASTÓN, CHARA, OSVALDO and GRIGERA, J RAÚL, 2012. Aggregation of non-polar solutes in water at different pressures and temperatures: The role of hydrophobic interaction The Journal of chemical physics. 137(13), 135104
  • ALLEVA, KARINA, CHARA, OSVALDO and AMODEO, GABRIELA, 2012. Aquaporins: another piece in the osmotic puzzle FEBS letters. 586(19), 2991-2999
  • CATTONI, DIEGO I, RAVAZZOLA, CONSTANZA, TÜNGLER, VICTORIA, WAINSTEIN, DANIEL E and CHARA, OSVALDO, 2011. Effect of intestinal pressure on fistula closure during vacuum assisted treatment: a computational approach International Journal of Surgery. 9(8), 662-668
  • CHARA, OSVALDO, ESPELT, MARÍA V, KRUMSCHNABEL, GERHARD and SCHWARZBAUM, PABLO J, 2011. Regulatory volume decrease and P receptor signaling in fish cells: mechanisms, physiology, and modeling approaches Journal of Experimental Zoology Part A: Ecological Genetics and Physiology. 315(4), 175-202
  • WAINSTEIN, DANIEL E, TÜNGLER, VICTORIA, RAVAZZOLA, CONSTANZA and CHARA, OSVALDO, 2011. Management of external small bowel fistulae: challenges and controversies confronting the general surgeon International Journal of Surgery. 9(3), 198-203
  • CHARA, OSVALDO, MCCARTHY, ANDRÉS N and GRIGERA, J RAÚL, 2011. Crossover between tetrahedral and hexagonal structures in liquid water Physics Letters A. 375(3), 572-576
  • CHARA, OSVALDO, PAFUNDO, DIEGO E and SCHWARZBAUM, PABLO J, 2010. Negative feedback of extracellular ADP on ATP release in goldfish hepatocytes: a theoretical study Journal of theoretical biology. 264(4), 1147-1158
  • CHARA, OSVALDO, PAFUNDO, DIEGO E and SCHWARZBAUM, PABLO J, 2009. Kinetics of extracellular ATP from goldfish hepatocytes: a lesson from mathematical modeling Bulletin of mathematical biology. 71(5), 1025-1047
  • ALLEVA, KARINA, CHARA, OSVALDO, SUTKA, MOIRA R and AMODEO, GABRIELA, 2009. Analysis of the source of heterogeneity in the osmotic response of plant membrane vesicles European Biophysics Journal. 38(2), 175-184
  • CHARA, OSVALDO, MCCARTHY, ANDRÉS N, FERRARA, C GASTÓN, CAFFARENA, ERNESTO R and GRIGERA, J RAÚL, 2009. Water behavior in the neighborhood of hydrophilic and hydrophobic membranes: lessons from molecular dynamics simulations Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications. 388(21), 4551-4559
  • PAFUNDO, DIEGO E, CHARA, OSVALDO, FAILLACE, MARÍA P, KRUMSCHNABEL, GERHARD and SCHWARZBAUM, PABLO J, 2008. Kinetics of ATP release and cell volume regulation of hyposmotically challenged goldfish hepatocytes American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology. 294(1), R220-R233
  • WAINSTEIN, DANIEL EDGARDO, FERNANDEZ, ERNESTO, GONZALEZ, DANIEL, CHARA, OSVALDO and BERKOWSKI, DARIO, 2008. Treatment of high-output enterocutaneous fistulas with a vacuum-compaction device. A ten-year experience World journal of surgery. 32(3), 430-435
  • CATTONI, DI and CHARA, O, 2008. Vacuum effects over the closing of enterocutaneous fistulae: a mathematical modeling approach Bulletin of Mathematical Biology. 70(1), 281-296
  • CHARA, OSVALDO, GRIGERA, JOSÉ RAÚL and MCCARTHY, ANDRÉS N, 2007. Studying the unfolding kinetics of proteins under pressure using long molecular dynamic simulation runs Journal of biological physics. 33(5), 515-522
  • BRUSCA, MI, CHARA, O, STERIN-BORDA, L and ROSA, AC, 2007. Influence of different orthodontic brackets on adherence of microorganisms in vitro The Angle Orthodontist. 77(2), 331-336
  • CHARA, O, FORD, P, RIVAROLA, V, PARISI, M and CAPURRO, C, 2005. Asymmetry in the osmotic response of a rat cortical collecting duct cell line: role of aquaporin-2 The Journal of membrane biology. 207(3), 143-150
  • RIVAROLA, VALERIA, FORD, PAULA, CHARA, OSVALDO, PARISI, MARIO and CAPURRO, CLAUDIA, 2005. Functional and Molecular Adaptation of Cl-/HCO3-Exchanger to Chronic Alkaline Media in RenalCells Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry. 16(4-6), 271-280
  • FORD, PAULA, RIVAROLA, VALERIA, CHARA, OSVALDO, BLOT-CHABAUD, MARCEL, CLUZEAUD, FRANÇOISE, FARMAN, NICOLETTE, PARISI, MARIO and CAPURRO, CLAUDIA, 2005. Volume regulation in cortical collecting duct cells: role of AQP2 Biology of the Cell. 97(9), 687-697
  • FORD, P, RIVAROLA, V, KIERBEL, A, CHARA, O, BLOT-CHABAUD, M, FARMAN, N, PARISI, M and CAPURRO, C, 2002. Differential role of Na+/H+ exchange isoforms NHE-1 and NHE-2 in a rat cortical collecting duct cell line The Journal of membrane biology. 190(2), 117-125

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