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Susannah Lydon

Associate Professor in Plant Science, Faculty of Science



Dr Lydon is Assistant Professor in Plant Science in the School of Biosciences. She is Course Director and Admissions Tutor for the Plant Science BSc & MSci programmes. She is the School of Biosciences Lead for outreach and work with the media. She gained her PhD in Palaeobotany at the University of Manchester, and undertook postdoctoral research in biodiversity informatics (at Manchester) and Earth science education (at Keele) before joining the School of Biosciences in 2007.

Expertise Summary

Science communication, palaeobotany, teaching & learning in Earth & plant sciences.

Teaching Summary

Dr Lydon teaches about plants, rocks and the fossil record. She also teaches science communication.

Dr Lydon is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Research Summary

Dr Lydon is interested in how the plant fossil record is used to reconstruct past ecosystems, and how palaeobotany is communicated to different audiences.

Selected Publications

  • STROUD, S., FENNELL, M., MITCHLEY, J., LYDON, S., PEACOCK, J. and BACON, K. L., 2022. The botanical education extinction and the fall of plant awareness Ecology and Evolution. 12(7), e9019
  • TOM HARTMAN, SUSANNAH LYDON and AMANDA RASMUSSEN, 2019. Hunting for answers: Linking lectures with the real world using a mobile treasure hunt app Plants, People, Planet.
  • LYDON, S.J. and KING, C., 2009. Can a single, short continuing professional development workshop cause change in the classroom? Professional Development in Education. 35, 63-82
  • KING, C. and LYDON, S.J., 2007. Educating science teachers in earth science teaching: the Earth Science Education Unit initiative in England and Wales, and its transfer to Scotland Geographie und ihre Didactik (Journal of Geography Education). 35, 272-286
  • WOOD, M. M., LYDON, S. J., TABLAN, V., MAYNARD, D. and CUNNINGHAM, H., 2004. Populating a Database from Parallel Texts Using Ontology-Based Information Extraction Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 3136, 254-264
  • WOOD, M. M., LYDON, S. J., TABLAN, V., MAYNARD, D. and CUNNINGHAM, H., 2004. Using parallel texts to improve recall in botany Amsterdam studies in the theory and history of linguistic science series 4: Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing III. VOL 260, 237-246
  • GE, S., LYDON, S. J. and WATSON, J., 2003. Sphenobaiera ikorfatensis (Seward) Florin from the Lower Cretaceous of Huolinhe, eastern Inner Mongolia, China Palaeontology. VOL 46(PART 2), 423-430
  • LYDON, S. J., WOOD, M. M., HUXLEY, R. and SUTTON, D., 2003. Data patterns in multiple botanical descriptions: implications for automatic processing of legacy data Systematics and Biodiversity. 1(2), 151-158
  • LYDON, S. J., WATSON, J. and HARRISON, N. A., 2003. The lectotype of Sphenobaiera ikorfatensis (Seward) Florin, a ginkgophyte from the Lower Cretaceous of western Greenland Palaeontology. VOL 46(PART 2), 413-422
  • WATSON, J., LYDON, S. J. and HARRISON, N. A., 2001. A revision of the English Wealden Flora, III: Czekanowskiales, Ginkgoales & allied Coniferales Bulletin of the Natural History Museum (Geology Series). 57(1), 29-82
  • WATSON, J., LYDON, S. J. and HARRISON, N. A., 1999. Consideration of the genus Ginkgoites Seward and a redescription of two species from the Lower Cretaceous of Germany Cretaceous Research. 20(6), 719-734

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