Looking after your faith and religion


You may be thinking about this because you already practice/follow a faith or religion, or because your beginning to wonder whether faith might have anything to offer to you. 

 If you already practice a faith or religion: 

For virtually all beliefs being part of a faith community is important and will be even more important during the current challenging circumstances we’re facing. 

  • If you are connected with a faith community it is really important that you stay in touch with them. Most are offering worship, prayer and pastoral support that can be accessed online. If you haven’t been in touch with your faith community for a while don’t feel anxious about getting back in touch now – this is what lots of people are doing and being warmly welcomed and supported. 

  •  If you’re not connected with a community of other people who practice your faith we would strongly recommend joining one. Your friends and family may know of good contacts local to you, but otherwise please do contact the University chaplaincy team (chaplains@nottingham.ac.uk) who can help put you in touch with a community that would work for you. The chaplains come from a variety of faith background 

  •  Talk to others in your faith community if you’re feeling anxious or stressed – don’t feel you have to pretend that your faith is making you feel OK. 

 As well as staying in touch with a faith community: 

  • Try to develop a pattern to your daily life that includes space and time for your religious practices (prayer, reading, meditation etc). 

  • If you’re living in a household with others who share you faith, try to share some of your daily religious practices together, even if you don’t usually do this 

  •  If you would usually visit a place of worship, you might find it helps to find a consistent space in your house or garden where you can pray/read/meditate, and think what items you might put there that make it have special significance. 

  • Make sure you have someone you can chat to about your faith, your mental health and your well-being. The University chaplains are always happy to chat with you – either by phone or video-call. Just drop them an email. 

 If you don’t follow a particular faith or religion at the moment you may find that living with the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic makes you think about the purpose and meaning of life, how you fit into the big picture of the world and universe, where you might find hope and other ‘big questions of life’. We would encourage you to make time to explore your questions. The chaplains are happy to chat with you about your questions, point you to good things you could read, and put you in touch with like-minded people who are exploring similar questions to you.  

Faith, spirituality and religion support at the University of Nottingham 

Chaplains are here to support all students and staff (of any faith or none). They help people practice their faith and engage with faith communities, but also much more widely they offer general pastoral support to anyone who need someone to listen or to talk things through with. The current situation may well raise some big questions about purpose and meaning in life, as well as responding to grief and bereavement, and the chaplains are a good place to turn to for this. They’re happy to listen and chat by phone or online. For more information how to do so please see the guidance below. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance 

 The Chaplaincy is working with the current government and university guidance in relation to Covid-19 and is no longer able to see students face-to-face. This means Oasis will be closed until further notice. During this time of uncertainty, if you would like to speak to a chaplain, please email: chaplains@nottingham.ac.uk . The Chaplaincy inbox will be checked daily. 

Visit the Chaplaincy website 

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