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Tanya McCallum

Healthcare Technologies Programme Manager, Faculty of Engineering



I manage the Centre for Healthcare Technologies - a partnership between the University of Nottingham and Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. We bring together academics, clinicians, patients and the med-tech industry to tackle healthcare challenges, driving innovative ideas and cutting-edge science into clinical practice.

Previously I managed the University's EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account, overseeing a portfolio of over 100 concurrently running projects with a budget of £3.9m, and delivering training in increasing research impact.

Before joining the University in 2013, I worked in the railway sector for 15 years: first as an aerodynamics engineer in consultancy firm AEA Technology Rail (formerly British Rail Research), then moving into technology & innovation management at the same company and then with RSSB. There, I supported the £9m/year research portfolio, developing relationships between industry and academics; initiating a strategic partnership with EPSRC; and developing and managing Rail Research UK Association.

Joining the University of Nottingham was a return to where I studied, having graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering with French in 1995 and then a PhD in Wind Engineering in 1998.

Expertise Summary

A research and development professional, specialising in strategy development, facilitation of partnerships, stakeholder management, event management, policy initiatives and programme management. With over 20 years experience, I have worked extensively at the boundary between industry and academia. I have successfully led several significant initiatives and programmes both in the UK and internationally, bringing many different organisations together often in politically sensitive environments and at very senior levels.

I have had experience of working at commercial, not-for-profit and higher education organisations and have domain knowledge of the railway and health sectors.

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