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Agnes: my favourite place on campus

Let Mathematics BSc student Agnes take you on an illustrated tour of her favourite place on campus: the Mathematical Sciences building.


I’m Agnes and I’m a third year BSc Mathematics student. However, I’m also an artist – so let me take you on a tour of our Maths building! 

The Mathematical Sciences building at dusk. It is a modern looking building with three storeys and a flat roof. There is grey brick along the bottom of the building, while the rest of the building looks blue in the evening light. The sky is lit up with stars and a crescent moon. Some of the windows are lit up, suggesting students and staff are still there.

Mathematical Sciences building

The Mathematical Sciences building is my favourite just after dusk; as students and staff are finishing off their long days at work. The building quietens down as they rush to tie up loose ends so they can get home. Those are the times I feel the strongest sense of belonging – like I’m really at the right place.

We’re one of the few departments at the University of Nottingham which has their own building – and it really is the heart of our community. This is where you’ll find your lecturers’ offices, group study rooms and common spaces to socialise in.

Inside the Mathematical Sciences building. There is an open plan foyer with a high ceiling. In this foyer, two pairs of students are standing chatting at opposite ends of the space. A student in a wheelchair is sat at a table. We can also see three storeys of classrooms. On the ground floor, there are a group of students in a classroom.


Something that I was really surprised by when I started university was how eager people were to help. I remember sitting in the atrium, working on my MATLAB assignment and being really stuck, when I heard a couple of girls behind me talking about MATLAB as well. Although it was intimidating, I asked them whether they could help me. It turned out that they were in second year and, though just as confused about the assignment as I was, were keen to help me and glad to do so. I don’t think I ever met these girls after that, but I would love to thank them for making me feel so welcome.

However, this isn’t an isolated incident. Every day, as a student here, I’m met with warmth and kindness.

Before I started university, I was worried that I would be belittled or excluded due to being a woman. I was glad to find a community actively working towards making women and LGBTQ+ people feel supported and encouraged. Since, I’ve met a multitude of amazing women in maths, both studying alongside me and within the staff team. Now I write about my experiences being a woman in maths and combatting Imposter Syndrome to inspire others!

Four female students in a study room. One of them is standing in front of a whiteboard with a pen in her hand. On the whiteboard is a couple of mathematical equations. The other three students are sat down at a table covered in folders, paper and pens. They are looking towards their friend at the whiteboard.

Study room

When you become a maths student here, you also become a part of a support network within our community. The school ensures that you have a friendly face in the crowd and provides you with a multitude of ways to make friends on your course.

One of the best support systems that the school offers is the Peer Assisted Study Support (PASS) scheme, which every first year student is automatically enrolled in. These are sessions led by second and third year students to support your learning in the core modules where you can ask them anything – pastoral or academic. I found it so beneficial that, now that I’m in second year, I took on the role of a PASS Leader!

Another important support system you have access to is your tutor; a member of staff which provides support with any academic or careers matters. This can be anything from helping you understand content you feel lost in, to helping you with an Extenuating Circumstances applications, to advising you on careers choices!

Your degree is what you make of it, and thankfully there are so many ways to make it your own. From a choice of a sea of societies, to volunteer opportunities, to part time jobs offered by the university – your time here will be unique to you and we’ll support you at every step of the way.

We can’t wait to welcome you into our community.

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