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Shuo Yan

Doctoral Researcher, Faculty of Social Sciences



Shuo Yan is currently a doctoral researcher in the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Nottingham(UoN). He holds two BAs in English (Shandong Normal University) and Law (Shandong University) respectively. He obtained an MA in Diplomacy at Beijing Foreign Study University (BFSU). His Ph.D. study is funded by China Scholarship Council, Beijing Foreign Study University, School of Politics (UoN), and School of Law (UoN).

Research Summary

Research Topic Title: Maritime Power and the Evolution of Rights of Passage: An International Legal Normative Analysis

Research Interest: International Normative Theory

Evolution of International Law of the Sea

International Lawmaking

Comprehensive Negotiation

Supervisor: Dr. Hongyi Lai and Prof. Nigel White

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