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Lisa Warwick

Associate Professor in Social Work, Faculty of Social Sciences



Lisa is a social work academic specialising in relational work in social care settings and research methods in social work. Lisa qualified as a Social Worker in 2012 and worked in residential child care prior to (and alongside) her early academic career, which first sparked her interest in deepening her understanding of interactions in social care settings through research. She has been involved in a variety of research projects concerning child and family social work and is particularly interested in the the relationships between professionals, families and the structural factors that inform these relationships.

Lisa is passionate about making research accessible and encouraging spaces for critical reflection and analysis on contemporary practice. Lisa teaches on the BA and MA programmes at UoN, specifically in Research Methods and Child and Family Social Work. Lisa is also supervises MA dissertations and PhD students in Social Work.

Lisa sits on the board of directors for New Beginnings Greater Manchester, which is a program designed to work holistically with families who are known to Children's Social Care for concerns relating to neglect; emotional, physical or sexual abuse.

Expertise Summary

Child and Family Social Work

Social Research Methods

Residential Childcare

Relationships in Social Work Practice

Teaching Summary

Lisa teaches on both the BA and MA Social Work programme at UoN. She predominantly teaches in the field of social work research. She also supervises MA dissertation students and PhD students.

Research Summary

Lisa is currently working in collaboration with:

  • LUNG theatre group on 'The Children's Inquiry' a verbatim research-informed musical concerning the children's social care system (PI, ESRC IIA).
  • Dr Jadwiga Leigh on a qualitative project, titled 'Subjects of the child protection process: Why do some parents succeed and others struggle?' (Co-i, BA Small Grant)

Recent Publications

Past Research

PI (2019-2020): Nottinghamshire County Council - 'Space, Management and Child Protection' (with Andrew Murphy)

PI (2018-2019): Trevi House Evaluation (with Kirsten Morley)

Research Fellow (2016-2018): Research Fellow on the ESRC funded project 'Organisations, staff support and the dynamics and quality of social work practice: A qualitative longitudinal study of child protection work'.

Research Assistant (2014-2015): Evaluating the development of the Continuing Professional Development program in social work at the University of Nottingham, with Professor Harry Ferguson (University of Nottingham) and Dr Joe Sempik (University of Birmingham).

Research Assistant (2014-2015): Evaluating the implementation of Family Group Conferences, with Professor Kate Morris (University of Sheffield) and Professor Peter Marsh (University of Sheffield).

Research Assistant (2014): British Academy Grant, 'Social Workers constructions of family in professional practice, an international comparative study', with Professor Kate Morris (University of Sheffield) and Professor Sue White (University of Birmingham).

PhD in Social Work (2013-2016): ESRC funded ethnographic research project exploring adult-child relationships and the role of touch in residential child care practice.

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