Vice-Chancellor's Remuneration


The University is committed to transparency with regard to the remuneration of senior staff, including that of the Vice-Chancellor, and publishes these annually in the University’s Financial Statements.

The salary for Vice-Chancellor Professor Shearer West is £286,000 per annum. The University also makes the standard employer’s contribution of 19.5%, available to all academic staff, to her USS pension scheme. Full details of the Vice-Chancellor’s remuneration are published in the table below:

Vice-Chancellor’s remuneration details
Salary                £286,000 from 1 August 2019
Salary Review Annual review by Remuneration Committee
Pension Member of the USS pension scheme where the University makes the standard employer’s contribution - currently 19.5%.
Travel and expenses Business travel and accommodation secured via the University’s central booking systems, and according to the same regulations as apply to all University staff.
National Pay Award No
Bonus or incentive package No
Private Healthcare No
Accommodation No
Car No
Other benefits No
Start date 1 October 2017
Term 5 years, with an option for extension by mutual consent
Notice period 6 months from either party


In academic year 2017/18, the Vice-Chancellor’s salary of £270,000 was 6.7 times the median salary for academic staff at the University, and 8.32 times the median salary for all University staff. Data for the 2018/19 academic year will be provided in the University's Financial Statements published at the end of the calendar year. It has been determined according to a number of factors including, but not limited, to:

  • the breadth of leadership responsibilities for one of the UK’s largest universities consisting of 45,000 students and 8,000 staff based in campuses across the UK, China and Malaysia;
  • the financial responsibilities for an institution with an annual turnover of £650 million; and which contributes more than £1 billion each year to the national economy;
  • the accountability for sustaining a TEF Gold-ranked educational experience for our students; and a world-leading research portfolio worth £600 million.

Senior salaries are set by the University’s Remuneration Committee, comprising independent external members of Council, who possess wider commercial and public sector pay knowledge and expertise.

The Vice-Chancellor is not a member of the Remuneration Committee and has no role in determining remuneration for herself or those under her line management. She does not attend meetings of the Remuneration Committee unless specifically invited to discuss the performance of senior staff under her line management.

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