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ASPIRE Advanced Smart-grid Power Distribution System

The ASPIRE Consortium brings together their world-leading expertise in aircraft Electrical Power Systems (EPS) and Power Electronics (PE) in order to design, develop and manufacture an innovative DC/DC resonant cellular converter with automatic inversion functionality. This will be a key component in the creation and demonstration of an advanced Electrical Power Distribution System (EPDS) with Enhanced Electrical Energy Management (E2-EM) capability.

The ASPIRE Consortium combines world-leading expertise in technical areas of PE conversion, EPS, smart-grids and their control, as well as in modelling and simulation for aerospace applications to enable step change in the design and development of future aircraft electrical power systems by making them “smart” and more efficient hence contributing towards more efficient, more-green aviation.

Due to the leading roles played by the ASPIRE Coordinator, The University of Nottingham, on international aerospace standards committee for aircraft electric systems (SAE AE-7), ASPIRE results will be integrated into the development of future standards for aircraft EPS architectures and concepts, demonstrating international impact of the project in addition to enabling further developments in REG IADP by development and implementation of smart-grid concept of Topic REG-01-10.

The ASPIRE stakeholders are the University of Nottingham (UK), Power Naples Prototype Laboratory Ltd (Italy) and the Second University of Naples (Italy) and Leonardo Aircraft (Naples, Italy)

For more information about the ASPIRE project please contact:

Prof Serhiy Bozhko
Project PI 


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This project has received funding from the Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 717091.
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