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Advanced pulsed jet actuator concept demonstratorAn advanced pulsed jet actuator concept demonstrator
A simulated cockpitA simulated cockpit



The whole aircraft thematic group contains a diverse range of academics and researchers looking at all aspects of flight. The groups interests span across four research groups and covers multidisciplinary research in other sectors such as energy, rail, nuclear, highways and marine. Examples include:

  • AAM Flight Physics - Flight physics training content to fill knowledge gaps in eVTOL flight physics.
  • WINGPULSE - Demonstration of advanced pulsed jet actuator concepts for flow separation control.


Specific areas of expertise within Whole Aircraft
Design Dynamics Materials and Modelling  Structures Systems Platforms 
Aircraft design Rotor and aero dynamics Material behaviour and modelling Finite element analysis (FEA) Thermal management Regional and large passenger aircraft
Aircraft performance Experimental thermodynamics Turbulence modelling Structural modelling Fuel, oil and hydrogen systems Drones and UAVs
Future aircraft design Experimental thermofluids Machine learning models Structural dynamics Systems engineering, risk and reliability, and resilience Flight demonstrators
Drone, UAV and VTOL design Flow control Composite materials Error estimation Electrical aircraft systems and propulsion VTOL



Over 100 academics and researchers work within and across this diverse range of research themes to deliver novel, cross-disciplinary, integrated research projects to both industry and research funders.


Research Facilities

Research facilities to which we can provide access
Flight simulators (Alsim AL250 and an Xplane flight simulator network) Large, closed return wind tunnel with 6DOF force balance, a 3D traverse system, pressure scanners and hot-wire anemometry Composites and additive manufacturing laboratories
Modal analysis Thermal property determination High temperature characterisation


Track Record

Our specialist aerospace teams at UoN work in partnership with a range of major aerospace companies and SMEs. We also have an extensive track record in securing key UK and EU funding from Horizon Europe (and its predecessor programmes), Innovate UK, ATI, EPSRC, NERC, the Royal Society, and others.

A collection of logos from which the university has secured funding or partnerships from. The funders include EU and UK bodies.


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