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The current committee of the university's Space Society.

The formation of the university's Space Society was inspired by the goal of creating a community of people who all share a passion for space. The committee are focused on holding a wide variety of events such as guest lectures, educational trips and launch viewings to expand all our members' knowledge on space and rocketry.

The society hopes to will boost the career prospects of members who wish to work within the space industry, as well as catering to those who do not study engineering or physics. For all students involved, they wish to amplify and broaden access to information so they may exercise their interest in space.

The student Space Society have more than 50 members and have been active since 2022. The society is a branch of UKSEDS, the UK's national space society.




The logo for the University of Nottingham's student Space Society
The logo for UKSEDS (UK Students for the Exploration and Development of Space)


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