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Camilla Bertini

Research Student, Faculty of Arts


Research Summary

Research overview:

I have become interested in ancient glass materials during my MA dissertation concerning bead typology dated between Early and Recent Bronze Age in Central and Southern Italy (University of Ferrara, Italy). I later decided to continue my research at the University of Nottingham by doing an MSc in Archaeological materials with a dissertation concerning Islamic glass between 9th and 12th centuries AD from various Middle Eastern cities, including Nishapur, Al-Raqqa, and Samarra.

I am particularly interested in mixing and experimentation processes in glass production, and more specifically in Northern Italy. I am also interested in understanding the role played by the Silk Road in the Mediterranean glass trading, and in underlining any possible link between Northern Italy and the Levant.

My PhD research at the moment involves the study of a site in Northern Italy named Comacchio, located on the South side of the estuary of river Po. In Comacchio, remains of a 7th - 8th AD glass workshop show evidence of glass production remains, such as fragments of crucibles of "pietra ollare" with thick traces of molten glass associated, blown glass fragments, small necks and drops from glass blowing, fragments of cullet, and mosaic tesserae. To the present day, no primary production centres are known for the Early Medieval period in Italy. With my research I hope to understand the role of Comacchio in the Italian glass production context and also to further discuss Northern Italy glass manufacture.

I am also interested in geological glass and raw materials provenance.


Primary: Prof. Julian Henderson Professor in Archaeology - Department of Archaeology

Secondary: Dr. William Bowden - Associate Professor in Roman Archaeology - Department of Archaeology


2013-2016 AHRC funding for UK/EU arts and humanities research students.

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