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Leslie Bode

PhD Candidate, Faculty of Arts


Research Summary

Research overview

My PhD research has me foraging for evidence of Epipalaeolithic plant exploitation and water availability, using archaeobotanical and palaeoenvironmental methods to investigate the lives of hunter-gatherers at the archaeological site of Kharaneh IV in the Azraq Basin, Jordan.

Using archaeobotanical and stable carbon isotope techniques, I am attempting to addresses the possibility of water stress at Kharaneh IV. My archaeobotanical analysis allows us to better understand the environment by using the ecology of the identifiable charred seeds to indicate potential plant food sources and water availability. Additionally, I am using stable carbon isotopes (δ13C) analysis of the archaeobotanical remains from Kharaneh IV to track changes in water stress through the sites occupation.

I am also more generally interested in: using the past to better understand sustainable food options for the future, ethnographic evidence of local plant use, and improving the archaeobotanical record for the Eastern Mediterranean and Near East.


Primary: Dr. Alexandra Livarda- Lecturer in Archaeology- Department of Archaeology

Secondary: Dr. Matthew Jones- Lecturer, Faculty of Social Sciences- School of Geography

Other interests and Research

Co-founder of an interdisciplinary food discussion group at Nottingham that meets monthly and provides a forum where we bring together researchers who are studying diverse aspects of food.

University of Nottingham Community Garden- volunteer and Archaeology garden coordinator

Gaidourofas Excavations-Southeastern Crete- Environmental director


2015- NERC Isotope Geosciences Laboratory, British Geological Survey, Isotope Geochemistry

2013-2016 University of Nottingham Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship for Research Excellence (International)

2011-2012 University of Nottingham - Canada Masters Scholarship

Research Contributions and Publications

Bode, L., Jones. M., Lamb, A. The convenience of water in a Pre-agricultural community: Using Archaeobotanical and Stable carbon isotopes to understand water stress at the Epipalaeolithic hunter-gather site of Kharaneh IV, Azraq Basin, Jordan. - Paper presented at the 2nd Young Natural History Scientists meeting at the Museum national d'Histoire naturelle in Paris in February of 2015.

Bode, L., Jones. M., Lamb, A. Running dry? A multi-proxy approach to understanding seasonality at the Epipalaeolithic hunter-gather site of Kharaneh IV, Azraq Basin, Jordan. - Paper presented at the British Association of Near Eastern Archaeology (BANEA), conference in London, UK in January of 2015.

Bode, L., A. Livarda, A. Bogaard, M. Charles. What is hidden in a Neolithic midden? The archaeobotanical assessment of two Neolithic midden spaces at Çatalhöyük, Turkey. - Research poster presented at the 16th Conference of the International Work Group for Palaeoethnobotany. Thessaloniki, Greece in June of 2013.

Richter, T., L. Bode, M. House, R. Iversen, A. Arranz, I. Saehle, G. Thaarup, M.-L- Tvede and L. Yeomans. 2012. Excavations at the Late Epipalaeolithic Site of Shubayqa 1: Preliminary Report on the First Season. Neo-Lithics 2/12, 3-14.

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