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Crop from the cover of Ruth Maxey's book

The Collected Short Stories of Bharati Mukherjee

Ruth Maxey, Associate Professor, American and Canadian Studies

Ruth Maxey edits and introduces the collection, contextualising Mukherjee’s short fiction and the provocative, often prescient political questions it raises.

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Three panels from Kieron Gillen's graphic novel 'Three'

Doing justice to the past through the representation of violence

Dr Lynn S Fotheringham, Lecturer in Classics

How the recent graphic novel "Three" tries to give a more complete view of life in the notorious Greek city-state of Sparta.

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Illustration of Tudor rose wreath

England's Other Countrymen: Black Tudor Society

Onyeka Nubia, Assistant Professor of History

We are told that somewhere in history, racist attitudes began, and that is why people have them now. This book challenges the trajectory of this claim and will stimulate debates on issues of difference, identity, theology and race.

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A photograph of translator Olivia Hellewell holding a copy of The Fig Tree

The Fig Tree translated by Olivia Hellewell

Olivia Hellewell, Assistant Professor, Peninsular Spanish and Translation Studies

Translated into English by Olivia Hellewell, a gripping novel of family and national division that spans three generations, changing borders and the Balkan wars of the 1990s.

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An image of a book cover entitled, 'Contemporary Chinese Queer Performance,' on a colourful background.

Contemporary Chinese Queer Performance

Hongwei Bao, Associate Professor in Media Studies

Examines queer music, photography, theatre and social activism to discern the pivotal role of performance in queer identity and community formation.

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Extract from book cover showing people working in old publishers

Herman Melville: Among the Magazines

Graham Thompson, Professor of American Literature

How Melville responded innovatively to the demands of magazine writing and reinvented literary traditions to help create the modern short story. 

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Ancient Greek statuette

Sharing with the Gods: Aparchai and Dekatai in Ancient Greece

Theodora Jim, Associate Professor in Ancient Greek History

A compelling analysis of one of the most ubiquitous religious practices in ancient Greece, the offering of ‘first-fruits’ and ‘tithes’.

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Man with head bowed sitting on court steps

Beyond Punishment?

Dr. Zachary Hoskins, Associate Professor

Analyses the various kinds of collateral consequences imposed in different legal systems and the important moral challenges they raise.

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Book cover with painting of thinning man on front

Painting and Devotion in Golden Age Iberia: Luis de Morales

Jean Andrews, Associate Professor Hispanic Studies

Looks at the painting of Morales in juxtaposition with other cultural production, religious tensions and the output of other artists.

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Book cover for Taking Utalitarianism Seriously

Taking Utilitarianism Seriously

Chris Woodard, Professor of Moral and Political Philosophy

Explains how utilitarianism can account for moral rights, for the importance of justice and equality, and for the significance of democracy and legitimacy.

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Book cover with yellow background and three women on

Iconographies of Occupation

Jeremy E. Taylor, Professor of Modern History 

Explores the visual cultures developed by the Chinese “collaborationist” regime during the Japanese occupation.

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Book cover with dark blue background and white text reading 'Eschatology and the Technological Future'

Eschatology and the Technological Future

Michael Stephen Burdett, Associate Professor of Christian Theology

A contemporary Christian response to transhumanism based around the themes of possibility and promise.

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Book cover resembling a bank card

The Metaphysics of Trust

Philip Goodchild, Professor of Religion and Philosophy

Reintegrates economics, philosophy and theology within the context of global ecological and economic crisis.

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Extract from 19th century painting of man sitting in chair holding papers

The Last of the Tories

Richard A. Gaunt, Associate Professor of History

Offering an unrivalled insight into political events from the perspective of a noted ‘Ultra-Tory’.

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Map of world overlaid with global communication network routes

Professional Communication

Louise Mullany, Professor

Offers new ways of conducting professional communication research with real-world impact.

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A person wearing Union Jack headphones, facing away from the camera.

"I'm not proud, I'm just gay"

Lucy Jones, Associate Professor

Through their language, young people reject stereotypes from within queer culture and strive to be “normal”.

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Social life book title overlaid on photo of old Cuban bicycle

Social Life of Literature in Revolutionary Cuba

Par KumaraswamiProfessor

Offers a new way to look at the many ways in which literature functions in post-1959 Cuba and beyond.

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Four copies of postdigital storytelling overlaying each other on desk

Postdigital Storytelling

Spencer Jordan, Associate Professor

Explores how we tell stories in the twenty-first century, and how modes and forms of creativity have changed.

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Mountain landscape showing small farm perched on top of hill

Summer Farms

Mark Pearce, Professor

The first archaeological overview of Summer Farms in Europe, from the Black Sea to Spain and Iceland, concentrating on the Alps.

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Person holding Understanding Engagement book open

Understanding Engagement in Transmedia Culture

Liz Evans, Professor of Screen Cultures

What does engagement really mean to those who make and experience screen content? 

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Language standardisation book leaning against window frame

Language Standardization and Language Variation in Multilingual Contexts

Nicola McLelland, Professor

Breaks new ground in the study of language standards and standardization.

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Engraving of children pleading with woman for help, bordered by red and blue stripes

Displaced Children in Russia and Eastern Europe, 1915 to 1953

Nick Baron, Associate Professor

Examines the history of child displacement and the experiences of displaced children.

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Hand opening cover of Subtitling book

Subtitling African American English into French

Pierre-Alexis Mével, Associate Professor

Analyses the French subtitling of African American English in a corpus of films from the United States.

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tv and cars crop v2

TV and Cars

Paul Grainge, Professor

Explores the small screen intimacy of cars - the way people interact, sing and dwell in the habitat of automobiles.

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Copy of Keeping Time resting on a dry stone wall

Keeping Time (novel)

Thomas Legrende, Assistant Professor

About an archaeologist who travels back in time and has an affair with his wife - or is it about a musician having an affair with her husband?

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A black and white photo of a book, leaning against a stack of books with earphones draped over one side and a pair of headphones resting on the table in the foreground.

Age of Noise

James Mansell, Professor in Cultural Studies

Offers a new perspective on modern Britain, showing that everyday sounds were central to the negotiation of modernity.

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Cover of Findern Manuscript publication

The Findern Manuscript

Joanna Martin, Associate Professor

The first critical edition of the thirty-four unique items in the Findern manuscript.

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Old drawing of Robert Southey against handwriting

The Collected Letters of Robert Southey

Lynda Pratt, Professor

The 546 surviving letters written by the controversial ‘Lake Poet’ Robert Southey between 1818-1821.

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Old colour photo of people at a race track in America

Horse Painting and Racetrack Corruption in the Early Depression-Era War on Crime

Vivien Miller, Professor

How organised crime was entwined with horse racing in Prohibition-era North America.

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