Magnify Projects 2024

Magnify Projects 2024
 Supervisor(s) Institution/School Research Area Project Title

Ellis O'Neill,

Harry Cagney

Biodiscovery Institute, UoN Biotechnology Developing the tools for engineering the alga Euglena gracilis
Daniel Whiley Nottingham Trent University - Clifton Campus - School of Science and Technology  Bioscience for Health Investigating zoonotic pathways: non-Helicobacter pylori Helicobacter species in raw meat products sold for human consumption in the UK
Connor Taylor University of Nottingham - Life Sciences Building and Biodiscovery Institute (BDI) Biotechnology Integration of Robotic Techniques for Automating Drug Discovery

Parimala Shivaprasad, 

Alisa Wikaputri 

Chemistry B10a, UoN Biotechnology Biocatalytic valorisation of flower waste: Towards sustainable feedstock for the chemical industry
Richard Hulse University of Nottingham - Psychology Bioscience for Health Investigating the neural circuitry involved in the negative affective-motivational component of pain
Dr Zahraa Al-Ahmady Clifton Campus / ISTEC Building, NTU Bioscience for Health Applying RNA Interference Technology to Understand the Role of 1q Amplification in Multiple Myeloma Pathogenesis
Ioanna Dimitriou Chemical and Environmental Engineering department (remotely) Biotechnology Techno-economic Assessment of a Flower Waste Biorefinery for Production of Terpene Esters
Ellen Nisbet

University of Nottingham Sutton Bonington Campus, with visits to Department of Physics, University of Cambridge and remote working.

Agriculture and Food Security Coral Bleaching - using programming to save coral reefs
Ian Kerr School of Life Sciences, Queens Medical Centre, UoN Bioscience for Health Interaction of ABCG2 with EMMPRIN and alpha-1-acid glycoprotein

Dmitry Veprintsev, 

Eline Koers

QMC, COMPARE C100/101, UoN Bioscience for Health Developing exosomes as detection system for maligant B-cells

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