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Getting the most out of genomics - an introduction to Deep Seq and its technologies

A02 Lecture Block
Thursday 16th January 2020 (14:00-15:00)
Dr Tim Robbins 

The workshop will cover the main genomics technologies available in Deep Seq (located in the School of Life Sciences), including their strengths and weaknesses in answering different research questions. It will also cover the sample requirements for the different methods and how user accessible equipment within Deep Seq can be used to assess the quality of your DNA or RNA samples. Specific topics include:

• The technology platforms in Deep Seq - e.g. Bionano, Oxford Nanopore, Illumina, 10x Chromium, Mosquito liquid handling robot

• The approaches that can be used on these - e.g. genome sequencing, RNA-seq, ChIP seq, 16s, direct RNA sequencing, single cell sequencing, targetted genome sequencing, structural variant detection, field sequencing

• The user bookable equipment in Deep Seq - e.g. Nanodrop, Qubit, Tapestation, Bioanalyzer, Blue Pippin

• Nucleic acid sample considerations - e.g. best practice when extracting and handling, advantages of different approaches and how to check quantity, purity and size.

• Examples of approaches that have been used by researchers in Biosciences

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