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Kamal Swarup

Senior Technician - Animal Science, Faculty of Science



I work at the University of Nottingham as a Senior Technician and Lab manager for the Crop science ACGM labs.

Expertise Summary

I have experience in leading and managing the support for the Crop science labs and a wealth of research experience in various fields including Molecular Biology, Quantitative Genetics( specializing in QTL Mapping), Tissue Culture and Biochemistry.

My expertise has been mainly studying Root development and its architecture in the model crop, Arabidopsis thaliana

Research Summary

The following publications summarize my research experience:

SWARUP, K. et al. Natural allelic variation identifies new genes in the Arabidopsis circadian system. The Plant Journal, 20, 1-33 (1999).

Parry, G. et al. Quick on the uptake: characterization of a family of plant auxin influx carriers Journal of Plant Growth Regulation. 20, 217 (2001).

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Swarup, K. et al. The auxin influx carrier LAX3 promotes lateral root emergence. Nature Cell Biology, 10, 946-954 (2008).

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Porco, S. et al. Lateral root emergence in Arabidopsis is dependent on transcription factor LBD29 regulating auxin influx carrier LAX3 Development. 143(18), 3340-3349 (2016).

Goh, T. et al. Quiescent center initiation in the Arabidopsis lateral root primordia is dependent on the SCARECROW transcription factor Development. 143(18), 3363-71 (2016).

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Ramakrishna, P. et al. EXPANSIN A1-mediated radial swelling of pericycle cells positions anticlinal cell divisions during lateral root initiation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, 116(17), 8597-8602 (2019).

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