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Preeti Jethwa

Assistant Professor in Human Nutrition, Faculty of Science


  • workRoom Room 19 The North Lab, The University of Nottingham Sutton Bonnington Campus
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Research Summary

Overall research focus is to determine the hypothalamic regulation of energy balance and its interaction with disease such obesity and cognition.

1. Hypothalamic regulation of energy balance -

In vivo studies investigating the role of hypothalamic peptides (e.g. VGF, AgRP, histamine, thyroid hormones) in the regulation of appetite and whole body energy expenditure using closed- and open-circuit calorimeters (e.g. CLAMS), intracerebral/peripheral techniques for administration and genetic manipulation techniques such as the use of adeno associated viruses.

2. Disruption of energy regulation and cognitive behaviour -

In vivo studies investigating the relationship between novel hypothalamic peptides (VGF, NERP) associated with energy regulation and memory and learning in models of obesity using established behavioural techniques (e.g. plus maze).

3. Mechanisms regulating hypothalamic peptides

In vitro studies investigating the possible mechanisms by which novel hypothalamic peptides interact in seasonal models of body weight regulation using specific neuronal cell lines.

Selected Publications

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