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Sina Fischer

Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Science



From a back ground of genetics and plant physiology, I developed an interest in the plant ionome during my PhD in Bayreuth (Germany). There I studied natural variation in heavy metal tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana in the research group of Prof. Stephan Clemens. During the course of my studies I developed an assay system for lead toxicity (Fischer et al. 2014, EST), assessed Cd-tolerance through QTL mapping (Fischer et al. 2017, Sci. Rep.), performed Bulk-Segregant Analysis to determine the genetic cause for Mn-tolerance and studied lead-tolerance through GWAS (Genome Wide Association Studies). I continued my investigations in plant ionome when I joined the group of Prof. David E. Salt in 2015 with focus on potassium homeostasis in neo-tetraploid A. thaliana. Since then I have broadened my research scope to understand the molecular basis for physiological differences in Arabidopsis thaliana neo-tetraploids. RNAseq analysis have led me to focus on abiotic stress and ABA signaling as well as changes in low-potassium responses. In the future I am interested in translating the knowledge gained in A. thaliana to barley and rice.

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