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Stella Edwards (Nee Hubbart)

Research Fellow, Faculty of Science




Assistant Professor at the Nottingham BBSRC Wheat Research Centre. We currently work to introgress small segments of wheat wild relatives into Wheat to increase the genetic diversity of wheat for biotic and abiotic stresses. Our aim is to distribute this germplasm world wide. I lead the phenotyping and trait analysis of the germplasm produced and have expertise in photosynthesis.

Follow me on Twitter @stelwards and @Notts_WRC or on our web site for publications.


Research Fellow - Genetic Manipulation of Photoprotection and Photooxidative stress tolerance in rice (BBSRC Grant BB/G003157/1). Papers published from this work;

Stella Hubbart, Ian R A Smillie, Matthey Heatley, Ranjan Swarup, Chuan Ching Foo, Liang Zhao, Erik H Murchie. Enhanced thylakoid photoprotection can increase yield and canopy radiation use efficiency. Communications Biology 1, 22(2018)

Stella Hubbart, Olubukola o. Ajigboye, Peter Horton, Erik H Murchie. The photoprotective protein PsbS exerts control over CO2 assimilation rate in fluctuating light in rice. The Plant Journal (2012) 71, 402-412


Optimisation of photosynthesis for increasing crop yield

Teaching Summary

I currently lecture on photosynthesis in the following modules.

Introduction to Plant Science (BIOS1003)

Life on Earth (LIFE1030)

An introduction to Genetics and Biochemistry (BIOS1064)

Research and Professional Skills (BIOS2116)

Plants and the Light environment (BIOS3104)

Sex, Flowers, and Biotechnology (BIOS3003, BIOS4023)

Industrial and Commercial Aspects of Plant Biotechnology (BIOS4126)

Selected Publications

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