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Autonomous Systems in Healthcare Symposium

Jubilee Conference Centre
Thursday 8th (12:30) - Friday 9th June 2023 (15:45)

For general information, please contact Paraskevas Vezyridis  


Autonomous Systems in Healthcare: exploring the role of medical sociology

8 – 9 June 2023

Thu, 12:30 – Fri, 15:45

University of Nottingham, UK

This symposium focuses on some of the sociological, technological, and human rights issues at stake relating to autonomous systems in healthcare. This is an emerging area of study, with technological discoveries, applications, and policymaking still in their infancy. For example, the UK’s Industrial Strategy recently listed the development of autonomous systems in healthcare as one of the country’s Grand Challenges towards the provision of longer and healthier lives for its people. Systems like medical robotics, intelligent wheelchairs, smart homes, and personal assistive robots, which can operate with little or no human supervision locally or from a distance, are expected to benefit individual patients and healthcare systems by improving outcomes and cost-effectiveness of provided care and medical innovation.

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