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Dr Jinmin Wang

BSc (Hangzhou University, Zhejiang, China), MSc (Zhejiang University), PhD (Northampton)
Assistant Professor

Division: Strategy and International Business
Centre/Institute: Africa Research Group
E-mail: Jinmin.Wang@nottingham.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 115 7484474
Location: C33 (North Building, Jubilee Campus)

Jinmin Wang joined in the business school in August 2016. Previously he worked as Lecturer in
International Business at Zhejiang University (East China), Nottingham Trent University and
School of Contemporary Chinese Studies, the University of Nottingham . He has had consultancy
experiences with some of the major international organizations such as UNESCAP and the South

Administrative Roles
Director of MSc International Business

international strategy; digital entrepreneurship; business model innovation;
industrial clusters and regional development; business and management in China.

Jinmin is currently supervising the following Research Students:

Guanqun Wang
Hua Huan (Flora)
Shuangqi Wu

Older Publications

Older Publications

Journal Articles

Wang, J; H, Ni; S He, (2013), "How government venture capital guiding funds work in financing high-tech start-ups in China? A 'strategic exchange' perspective", Strategic Change, Vol.22 (4), pp. 417-429.

Wang, J; Milana, C, (2013), "Fostering entrepreneurship in China: a survey of the economic literature", Strategic Change, Vol.22 (7-8), PP. 387-415.

Wang, J; Ngoasong, M, (2012), "The internationalization process of Chinese SMEs: Does globalizing wholesale markets play a role?", Strategic Change, Vol.21 (2), pp. 143-157.

Wang, J; Davies, L; Kakabadse, N; Xie, Z, (2011), "Leader characteristics and styles in the SMEs of the People's Republic of China during the global financial crisis", Strategic Change, Vol.20 (1), pp. 19-32.

Chapters in Books

Wang, J;, (2011), "Social networks, innovation and development of industrial clusters in China", in Sustainable Reform and Development in Post-Olympic China, pp. 97-107.

Wang, J, (2010), "The innovation of SMEs and development of industrial clusters in China", in The rise of Technological Power in the South, pp. 186-203, Palgrave Macmillian.

Recent Publications

Journal Articles

Ngoasong, M.; Wang, J.; Rolv, A.; Bjarnar, O. (2020), "The role of MNE subsidiaries in the practice of global business models in transforming economies", Management and Organization Review, forthcoming 2020.

Amdam, R.; Bjarnar, O.; Wang, J. (2018), "The dynamic role of small- and medium-sized multinationals in global production networks: Norwegian maritime firms in the Greater Shanghai Region in China", Asia Pacific Business Review, Vol.24 (1), pp. 37-82.

Ma,S.; Chai,Y.;Wang, J.;Duan,Y. (2018), "New digital infrastructure, cross-border e-commerce and global vision of creating Electronic World Trade Platform", Global Trade and Customs Journal, Vol.13 (4), pp. 157-167.

Zhou, L.; Yao, S.; Wang, J.; Ou, J. (2017), "China's pawn-broking industry and the puzzle of losses during the global financial crisis in 2008-2009", China: An International Journal, forthcoming 2017.

Zhou,L.; Yao,S.; Wang,J.; Ou,J. (2016), "Global financial crisis and China's pawnbroking industry", Journal of Chinese Economics and Business Studies, Vol.14 (2), 151-164.

Zhang,J.; Ahammad, M.; Tarba, S.; Cooper, C.; Glaister, K. ; Wang, J. (2015), "The effect of leadership style on talent retention during Merger and Acquisition integration:evidence from China", International Journal of Human Resource Management, Vol.26 (7), 1021-1050.

He, S.; MacNeil, S.; Wang, J.;, (2014), "Assessing overall network structure in regional innovation policies: a case study of cluster policy in the West Midlands in the UK", European Planning Studies, Vol.22 (9), pp. 1940-1959.

Wang, J.; Gooderham, P. (2014), "Institutional change and regional development in China: the case of commodity trading markets", Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy, Vol.32 (3), 471-490.

Wu, D.; Wu, Z.; Wang, J.; Zhao, Z. (2014), "Inequality, Human Capital and Innovation: China?s Remaining Big Problems", International Journal of Economics and Business Modelling, Vol.5 (1), pp.233-237.


Wang, J. (2014), Institutional Change and the Development of Industrial Clusters in China, World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd.



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