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Tony Watson, Emeritus Professor

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BA (London), MSc (Loughborough), PhD (Nottingham)
Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Work and Org.

Division: Management

Academic research began almost immediately upon graduating in the form of a participant observation study of organisational change carried out whilst working as an employment relations specialist in Rolls-Royce (Aero Engine Division). After moving to a full-time academic post, a sociological study of the personnel management occupation was carried out (The Personnel Managers 1977). This was followed with Sociology, Work and Industry (1980), a text which has become (over five editions) the main British industrial sociology textbook. After several years concentrating on developing MBA and doctoral programmes, supervising other people's research work and writing textbooks, a return was made in1990-91 to participant observation research within the world of industrial management and to the craft of writing ethnographically about the work, lives and identities of managers (In Search of Management, 1994 and 2001). A series of articles, books and further research projects have all been part of a project of critically applying social science thinking to the ways in which people's lives and the work enterprises with which they associated are continuously being shaped and reshaped in a world of change and uncertainty.

Research Interests
Organisation theory and the sociology of work; Managerial, entrepreneurial, strategic and human resourcing behaviour in organisations; Organisational culture, discourse, identities and narratives; Ethnographic research.

Current Research Activities
My current research continues a longstanding fascination with the relationship between how managers and owner-manager/entrepreneurs shape their personal lives, identities, biographies, anxieties and emotions and how they shape their work activities, relationships and enterprises. Within this, I am interested in the role of culture, language, narrative and discourse in the ways that people make sense of and manage work tasks, enterprises and life careers. These interests are currently being pursued in work focusing on entrepreneurial action in a variety of settings and how this relates to the life orientations, organisational endeavors and identity work of the people involved in it.

Publications prior to 2005

Publications prior to 2005

Journal Articles

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Publications from 2005 to the present day

Journal Articles

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