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Dr Anne Touboulic

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BA (Hons) (University of Kent at Canterbury), Masters (Science Po Lille), MSc (University of Kent at Canterbury), PhD (Cardiff University)
Assistant Professor in Operations Management

Division: Operations Management and Information Systems
Tel: +44 (0) 115 8466972
Location: C02 (Si Yuan Building, Jubilee Campus)

I joined Nottingham University Business School in 2016. I am currently involved in several research projects, investigating different facets of the sustainable development agenda and its implications on organisational practices, specifically at operational and supply chain levels.

My approach to research is very much forward-looking and critical, seeking to drive practice and make an impact for positive change. Ihave expertise in action research and qualitative research more broadly, using a wide variety of methods such as reflective interviews and participatory workshops.

My background is interdisciplinary, having completed a joint degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics between Sciences Po Lille (France) and the University of Kent (UK). My PhD research was funded by an ESRC Case studentship and provided me with the opportunity to conduct an engaged research project within the food industry, exploring how supply chain relationships evolve to address sustainability challenges. My PhD was awarded a highly commended Outstanding Doctoral Research Award by EFMD and Emerald.

I am a member of the executive committee of the EurOMA Forum on Sustainable Operations and Supply Chain Management. I serve on the Editorial Review Boards of the Journal of Supply Chain Management, the International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, the Journal Operations Management and the Journal of Marketing Channels.

Administrative Roles
SERG - Deputy Chair, Social Environmental Responsibility Group & PRME Leader
Deputy Director of MSc Industrial Engineering & Operations Management
Deputy Director of MSc Information Systems & Operations Management
Deputy Director of MSc Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Deputy Director of MSc Supply Chain & Operations Management
I am module convenor of the following modules:


Managing Business Operations (N12815)
Managing Operations in the Digital Enterprise (N11801)

Details of all modules can be found on MyNottingham

Current Research Activities
My research interests lie at the intersection of sustainable development, organisational theory and operations/supply chain management with a primary focus on implementing sustainable inter-organisational relationships and driving change for sustainability in production and consumption networks.

I am particularly interested in the links between micro-individual behaviours and inter-organisational practices for sustainability. I have a particular interest in the food and agriculural sectors but have conducted research in other areas such as healhtcare. I am also passionate about engaged and innovative approaches to research, which enable collaborating with stakeholders and changing practice. In collaboration with two colleagues, I have launched an initiative to promote engaged research approaches in the field of sustainable supply chain management:

Publications from 2005 to the present day

Journal Articles

McCarthy, L.; Touboulic, A.; Matthews, L. (2018), "Voiceless but empowered farmers in corporate supply chains: Contradictory imagery and instrumental approach to empowerment", Organization, forthcoming 2018.

Touboulic, A.; Matthews, L.; Marques, L. (2018), "On the road to carbon reduction in a food supply network: A complex adaptive systems perspective", Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, Vol.23 (4), pp. 313-335.

Wang, Y.; Touboulic, A.; O'Neil, M. (2018), "An exploration of solutions for improving access to affordable fresh food with disadvantaged Welsh communities", European Journal of Operational Research, Vol.268 (3), pp. 1021-1039.

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Touboulic, A. & Walker, H. (2015), "Love me, love me not: A nuanced view of collaboration in sustainable supply chains.", Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, Vol.21 (3), 178-191.

Touboulic, A., Chicksand, D. & Walker, (2014), "Managing imbalanced triadic buyer-supplier-supplier relationships for sustainability: A power perspective.", Decision Sciences, Vol.45 (4), 577-619.

Chapters in Books

Touboulic, A., Ejodame, E. (2016), "Are we really doing the "right thing"? From sustainability imperialism in global supply chains to an inclusive emerging economy perspective", in Implementing Triple Bottom Line Sustainability Into Global Supply Chains., Greenleaf Publishing.


Begum, H., Touboulic, A. Walker, H. 2016, "Stakeholder engagement and sensemaking in pursuit of reducing carbon emissions through procurement.", in 25th Annual IPSERA Conference.

Touboulic, A., McCarthy, L. 2016, "Who do they think we are? Buyers portraying the sustainability of their suppliers.", in 3rd EurOMA Sustainable Operations and Supply Chains Forum.

Book Reviews

Touboulic, A. 2016, "Thomas E. Johnsen, Mickey Howard, and Joe Miemczyk. Purchasing and Supply Chain Management: A Sustainability Perspective. Oxon, UK: Routledge (2014)", in Journal of Marketing Channels, 85-87.



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