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Professor Scott McCabe

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MA (London Metropolitan), PhD (Derby)
Professor of Marketing and Tourism

Division: Marketing
E-mail: Scott.McCabe@nottingham.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 115 8466683
Location: B78c (North Building, Jubilee Campus)

Scott is a Professor in Marketing and Tourism and has worked at the University of Nottingham since 2007. Prior to this post, he held lecturing positions at Sheffield Hallam, Leeds Beckett and Derby University. The main focus of Scott's research is on tourist experience and consumer behaviour. He studied day visitor's motivations for visiting the Peak District National Park for his PhD thesis, undertaking detailed analysis of the language visitors used to construct and formulate reasoned accounts for their actions, drawing on for example, biography and place identity. Scott is an experienced teacher, having taught marketing and consumer behaviour classes to undergraduate, MSc, and MBA students. He also has some experience of delivering Executive education to international audiences. His research on 'social tourism' has become internationally recognised, and he am frequently invited to give keynote presentations to international conferences and symposiums, to participate in workshops and panel sessions.

Scott is the current co-Editor in Chief of Annals of Tourism Research, and an editorial board member on the Journal of Policy Research in Leisure, Tourism and Events, the Annals of Leisure Research, and the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management. He has also been an Associate Editor of the Journal of Business Research (2016-18). Scott has been a member of the International Sociological Association (Research Committee 50 on International Tourism) since 2004, and currently serves as Vice President for Organising the World Congress sessions for that committee. He has previously served as Deputy Chair of the Tourism Marketing SIG of the Academy of Marketing and on the Committee of the Association for Tourism in Higher Education learned society.

Prior to joining Higher Education Scott worked in the tourism and hospitality industry first in the Peak District National Park and then during travels in Australia and South East Asia.

Areas of Expertise
My main research interests include tourist consumer behaviour; tourist experience and consumption; non-participation, social equity and social exclusion in tourism; tourism marketing communications and representation in tourism promotion; qualitative sociological/ethnographic research methods in tourism.

Administrative Roles
Associate Dean for Research

School Committee Memberships
REF Task Group 2019
Research Ethics Committee (NUBS REC) 2018 Ethics Reviewer and Committee Member
School Management Group 2014
Scott is the module convenor for the option module Tourism Management and Marketing available on the undergraduate business programme, where the aim is to engage in debates on current challenges facing the management and marketing of the world's largest industry sector, travel and tourism services.

Scott is module convenor of the following modules:


Tourism Marketing and Communication (BUSI4327)

Details of all modules can be found on MyNottingham

Scott's research stems from an interest in tourist's experiences of place and how accounts of such experiences contribute to people's constructions of their self-identity. He specialises in qualitative methods, particularly those based on understanding social interaction, including narrative analysis, discourse analysis and socio-linguistics. This stretches across a range of contexts including children and families, blogging and online communication as well as interview data.

He has recently become interested in social psychology of ethical and responsible consumer behaviour, and the psychological processes (mental mechanisms) behind tourist decision making, including heuristics. Scott's research has examined the qualities of tourist experiences, motivations, decision processing, and how they are mediated by technology.

Scott's research has been funded by the BA/Leverhulme, the ESRC, the E.U. and many other corporate and charitable organisations. He has supervised 16 PhD students to completion, and many of those students have gone to successful academic careers.

Scott has an enduring research interest in social equity and the links between tourism (non-)participation and social exclusion through the concept of 'Social Tourism'. This work has been internationally recognised and has led to numerous collaborations. He holds a three-year part time position as Professor of Tourism Management at the University of Eastern Finland, where he supervises a PhD student and work on research projects in this field. Scott has undertaken research work in partnership with a range of charities and international organisations. His recent research focuses on the benefits of participation in holidays for low-income and otherwise disadvantaged groups in society in relation to subjective well-being, optimism and resilience and personal growth, education and self-development. More recent research has examined sustainability, social and economic policy of tourism and the rights to tourism in the context of social tourism.

Scott is the author of over 65 journal articles, book chapters and published works. He has also written a textbook: "Marketing Communications in Tourism and hospitality: Concepts, Strategies and Cases" (2009); co-edited "Social Tourism in Europe: Theory and Practice (2012); and in 2014 he edited the "Routledge Handbook of Tourism Marketing". In 2018, he co-edited "Sustainability and marketing in tourism: its contexts, paradoxes, approaches, challenges and potential". His latest co-edited book, "Social Tourism at the Crossroads" is published in 2019.

Scott is currently leading on the following projects:

  • Empowering family self-efficacy through social tourism - Tahira Kosar Studentship

Scott is currently supervising the following Research Students:

Abbie-Gayle Johnson
Heppy Millanyani
Matthew Voigts
Somaiah Alotaibi
Tahira Kosar

Older Publications

Older Publications

Journal Articles

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Recent Publications

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