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Dr Alexander Trautrims

BA (Hons) (Leeds Metropolitan), MSc (Heriot Watt), PGDip (Hull), PhD (Hull), PGCHE (Hull)
Associate Professor in Supply Chain & Operations Management

Division: Operations Management and Information Systems
E-mail: Alexander.Trautrims@nottingham.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 115 8231404
Location: C05 (Si Yuan Building, Jubilee Campus)

Dr Trautrims is currently leading The Unchained Supply project as part of the University of Nottingham's Rights Lab. His research is focusing on developing knowledge that helps to detect modern slavery in supply chains, to understand how supply chain design impacts the occurrence of modern slavery, and the diffusion of good labour practices. Dr Trautrims' current research on modern slavery in contemporary supply chains is supported by the British Academy and is endorsed by the UK's Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner.
He joined Nottingham University Business School in 2013 from the University of Hull's Logistics Institute where he also accomplished his PhD on in-store logistics execution of European retailers. His PhD was sponsored by a Peter Thompson scholarship from the University of Hull and was awarded a highly commended Outstanding Doctoral Research Award by EFMD and Emerald. Since joining Nottingham University Business School Dr Trautrims' research focus shifted to sourcing and procurement issues in the supply chain.

Areas of Expertise
supply chain management concepts; supply chain ecosystems; supply chain decision making; reshoring; retail supply chains; procurement; humans in supply chains; sustainable supply chain management

School Committee Memberships
Athena SWAN SAT 2019
Modern slavery in supply chains; sourcing; procurement; compliance

Alexander is currently collaborating on the following projects:

  • Antislavery Using Satellite Technology For Uganda's Sustainability (ASTUS)

Alexander is currently supervising the following Research Students:

Fatima Lopez Castellanos
Kingshuk Jubaer Islam

Older Publications

Older Publications

Journal Articles

Trautrims, A.; Grant, D.B.; Cunliffe, A.; Wong, C.Y. (2012), "Using the "documentary method"to analyse qualitative data in logistics research", International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, Vol.42 (8-9), pp. 828-842.

Trautrims, A.; Grant, D.B.; Wong, C.Y. (2012), "The Interaction of Human Resources and Managerial Systems as they Affect In-Store Replenishment Operations", Supply Chain Forum, Vol.13 (2), pp. 54-64.

Trautrims, A.; Grant, D.B.; Fernie, J.; Harrison, T. (2009), "Optimising on-shelf availability for customer service and profit", Journal of Business Logistics, Vol.30 (2), pp. 231-247.


Grant, D.B.; Trautrims, A.; Wong, C.Y. (2013), Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management Principles and Practices for Sustainable Operations and Management, Kogan Page, forthcoming 2013.

Reports for external body

Trautrims, A.; Grant, D.B. 2007, "ECR UK Availability Bluebook; Availability Insights Subgroup", in Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD); Watford..

Chapters in Books

Trautrims, A.; Grant, D.B.; Schnedlitz, P. (2011), "In-Store Logistics Processes in Austrian Retail Companies", in Morschett. D et al (ed) European Retail Research, (25 (1)), pp, 63-84, Gabler, Wiesbaden.


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Wenner, K.; Trautrims, A. 2012, "Applications of Telematics in Fleet Management Systems", at Proceedings of the Logistics Research Network; Cranfield.

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Trautrims, A.; Grant, D.B. 2008, "A Literature Review of Current Research in Retail On-Shelf Availability", at Proceedings of the Logistics Research Network; Liverpool..

Recent Publications

Journal Articles

Emberson, C. and Trautrims, A. (2020), "How Might Modern Slavery Risk in English Adult Social Care Procurement be reduced?", Public Procurement Law Review, Vol.29 (6), pp.390-404.

Gold, S; Chesney T; Gruchmann, T; Trautrims, T, (2020), "Diffusion of labor standards through supplier subcontractor networks: an agent-based model", Journal of Industrial Ecology, forthcoming 2020.

Trautrims, A. (2020), "Modern Slavery Responses Need International Business Scholarship", AIB Insights, Vol.20(2).

Trautrims, A; Gold, S; Emberson, C; Touboulic, A; Carter, H. (2020), "The UK construction and facilities management sector's response to the Modern Slavery Act: an intra-industry initiative against modern slavery", Business Strategy and Development, forthcoming 2020.

Trautrims, A; Schleper, M.; Cakir, M.S., Gold, S. (2020), "Survival at the expense of the weakest? Managing modern slavery risks in supply chains during COVID-19", Journal of Risk Research, forthcoming 2020.

Pinheiro, S.; Emberson, C. ; Trautrims, A. (2019), "'For the English to see' or effective change? How supply chains are shaped by laws and regulations and what that means for the exposure of modern slavery", Journal of the British Academy, Vol.7 (s1), pp.165-188.

Pishchulov, G; Trautrims, A, Chesney, T,. Gold, S; Schwab, L. (2019), "The Voting Analytic Hierarchy Process Revisited: A revised Method with Application to Sustainable Supplier Selection", International Journal of Production Economics, Vol.211, 166-179.

Chesney, T,; Evans, K.; Gold, S,; Trautrims, A. (2018), "Understanding labour exploitation in the Spanish agricultural sector using a agent based approach", Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol.214, pp. 696-704.

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Wollenburg, J.; Hubner, A.; Kuhn, H.; Trautrims, A. (2017), "From Bricks-and-Mortar to Bricks-and-Clicks: Logistics Networks in Omni-Channel Grocery Retailing", International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, Vol.48 (4), pp. 415-438.

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Gold, S.; Trautrims, A.; Trodd, Z. (2015), "Modern slavery challenges to supply chain management", Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, Vol.20 (5), pp. 485-494.

Reports for external body

Lerigo-Stevens, H., Jardine, A., Emberson, C., Trautrims, A. 2020, "Submission to Labour Market Enforcement Strategy 2020-2021: Call for Evidence".

University of Nottingham Rights Lab; Walk Free, 2017, "Modern Slavery: What Business Needs to Know", in https://www.walkfreefoundation.org/news/resource/tool-kit-business/, Walk Free Foundation.

Chapters in Books

Emberson, C; Pinheiro, S. and Trautrims, A. (2020), "Combating Slave Labour in Productive Chains: Capability Developments in Brazilian-UK Timber and Beef Supply Chains", in Novos Caminhos Para Erradicar o Trabalho Escravo Contemporaneo, pp. 99-118, Editora CRV.

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Emberson, C., Croser, M., Gomes, M., Neiva, J., Pinheiro, S., and Trautrims, A. 2019, "Investigating global supply chains for slave labour: Using external data for enhanced supply chain mapping", in 6th EUROMA sustainable operations and supply chains forum March 18-19 Gothenburg Sweden.

Emberson, C.; Pinheiro, S.; Trautrims, A. 2019, "Combating slave labour in productive chains: Capability developments in Brazilian-UK timber and beef supply chains", in Federal University of Mato Grosso, Brazil, forthcoming 2019.

Emberson, C.; Trautrims, A. 2019, "Challenges to the Development of an Intervention to Reduce Slavery in a Brazilian-UK Beef Supply Chain", in 33rd Annual British Academy of Management Conference Aston University.

Cakir, M.S.; Wardman, J.K.; Trautrims, A. 2018, "Development and Testing of an Instrument to Measure Workplace Perceptions, Communications and Behavioural Intentions to Reduce Modern Slavery Risks in UK Business Supply Chains", in Society for Risk Analysis.

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Wagner, H.; Wardman, J.K.; Gutierrez Huerter, G.O.; Trautrims, A.; Gold, S. 2018, "Managing the Risks of Modern Slavery in UK Supply Chains: A Delphi Study of Expert Perceptions and Priorities", in Society for Risk Analysis.

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Trautrims, A.; Beltagui, A.; Shaw, D. 2014, "Supply Chain Ecosystems Understanding supply chain networks through an ecological perspective", at Proceedings of CSCMP's European Research Seminar - WHU Dusseldorf.

Trautrims, A.; Kauppi, K. 2014, "Noncomplaint fulfilment behaviour in retial supply chains", at Proceedings of the Internaitonal symposium on logistics - Ho Chi Minh City.



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