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Professor Stephen Lofthouse

Computing (Web Information Systems and Services) (Sheffield Hallam University, UK), Technical Consulting (SAP) (Sheffield Hallam University, UK), PGCert Learning & Teaching in Higher Education (Sheffield Hallam University, UK), PGCert Data Protection Law & Information Gover (University of Northumbria)
Professor of Practice (SAP)

Department: Strategy and International Business
Location: B46 (South Building, Jubilee Campus)

With a career spanning over two decades, Stephen Lofthouse stands at the intersection of technology and academia. Holding a Master of Science, a Bachelor of Science, and various postgraduate certifications, Stephen is not just an academic but a lifelong learner. Specialising in SAP technologies, governance, and compliance, he has carved a unique niche in implementing enterprise-scale platforms and driving innovation in Big Data, Analytics, Cloud, and Cyber Security.

As an SAP Functional Consultant and Business Analyst, Stephen has donned multiple hats. He has led enterprise-scale compliance programs within the NHS and troubleshooted for clients across diverse sectors such as healthcare, legal, justice and policing, education, and retail. His contributions to these fields have been invaluable, guiding organisations through their complex compliance journeys.

As an academic, Stephen brings a wealth of practical experience into the classroom, enriching the educational journey of countless students. His teaching methods are as modern as they are effective, reflecting a deep understanding of both subject matter and pedagogical techniques.

A Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, Stephen's credentials are a testament to his dedication to educational excellence. A SAP Mentor Alumni, his technical insights are highly sought after, bridging the often wide gap between technological innovation and practical application.

For Stephen, the journey of learning and imparting knowledge is never-ending. As he continues to contribute to academia and industry alike, his focus remains on fostering environments where technology serves as a tool for better governance, greater efficiency, and enriched education.

Areas of Expertise
SAP Technologies

Governance and Compliance

Business Analysis

Intersectionality of technology and academia.



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