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Tommaso Faccio

BSc (Verona), CA (ICAS), UoN 30 Credits of PGCHE (The University of Nottingham)
Lecturer in Accounting (Teaching Focus)

Division: Accounting
Tel: +44 (0) 115 8466104
Location: B13 (Si Yuan Building, Jubilee Campus)

Tommaso is a lecturer in Accounting. He is a chartered accountant (ICAS) and his research interests include international tax, transfer pricing, tax treaties and tax avoidance.

Until July 2014, he was a Transfer Pricing Senior Manager in the Deloitte LLP International Tax team and has significant experience advising multinationals on complex international tax issues, particularly in the area of Transfer Pricing and Permanent Establishment, first at Ernst and Young LLP and then at Deloitte LLP.

Tommaso is a guest lecturer at the Berlin School of Economics and Law.

Areas of Expertise
International tax, transfer pricing, tax avoidance, tax treaties.

Administrative Roles
Assessment Tutor (BSc Accountancy)

Tommaso is module convenor of the following modules:


Advanced Financial Reporting (BUSI3066)
Advanced Financial Reporting (BUSI3104)
Principles of Taxation (BUSI1027)
Tax Compliance (BUSI2038)
Taxation 2 (BUSI3083)

Details of all modules can be found on MyNottingham

International tax, transfer pricing, tax avoidance, tax treaties.

Tommaso is currently supervising the following Research Students:

Cong Shao

Recent Publications

Journal Articles

Faccio, T. ; Valpy Fitzgerald, (2018), "Sharing the corporate tax base: equitable taxing of multinationals and the choice of formulary apportionment", Transnational Corporations, Vol.25(2), 67-90.

Kadet, M.;Faccio, T.; Picciotto, S. (2018), "Profit-Split Method: Time for countries to apply a standardized approach", Tax Notes International, Vol.91(4), 359-362.

Faccio, T.; Kadet, J.M. (2016), "Will Bringing Sales Onshore in the U.K. Lead to Higher Taxes?", Tax Notes International, Vol.82 (7), 679-685.

Ting, A.; Faccio, T.; Kadet, J.M. (2016), "Effects of Australia's MAAL and DPT on Internet-based businesses", Tax Notes International, Vol.83 (2), 145-151.

Reports for external body

Faccio, T. 2019, "Profit shifting in Ukraine's exports of agricultural commodities", in Click to view, GUE/NGL GROUP IN THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, forthcoming 2019.

Antonyuk, A.; Faccio, T.; Popovych Z.; Stack, G. 2018, "Profit shifting in Ukraine's iron exports", in, GUE/NGL GROUP IN THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT..

Apel, C.;Faccio, T.; Meggiolaro, M. 2018, "BAD CONNECTION What (the lack of) tax transparency tells us about European telecommunication companies", Shareholders for change.

FACCIO, T. 2017, "IS MALTA A TAX HAVEN? Implications for Europe during the Maltese Presidency and beyond", GREENS/EFA GROUP IN THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT.

Chapters in Books

Ocampo, J.A.; Faccio, T. (2019), "Taxation of International Investments: The Shifting Landscape", in Yearbook on International Investment Law & Policy 2018, 2.1-2.44, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

FACCIO, T; MOLLER, L; MWAMBWA, S. (2017), "Sub-Saharan Africa's tax treaties: A review of six taxing rights", in ATRN Working Paper Series 2017, (14), African Tax Research Network.



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