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Company-Based Challenge: Vinh Huynh

Vinh Huynh enrolled on the MSc Finance and Investment in the 2021/22 academic year. As part of his course, he was selected to participate in the company-based challenge, working on a project for the Project Management Institute (PMI), the world's leading professional association for project management. The challenge began in early June and concluded three weeks later.

PMI’s aim is to develop project management skills for young people (18-35 years old), who act as changemakers to bring positive impact to society. In an effort to refine a youth engagement strategy targeting this audience, they wanted to understand how young people perceived project management skills, categorised into three pillars: Ways of Working, Power Skills, and Business Acumen.

Vinh was tasked by PMI to conduct extensive research on the perceptions of young people about these areas, gather insights, and give recommendations for their engagement strategy.

Vinh worked with his team members, who were students from the other MSc programmes, to explore perceptions of project management skills among the Junior Group (aged 18-25) and the Senior Group (25-35).

Vinh Huynh

The team identified misconceptions about project management among the Junior Group and recommended a communications approach to engage effectively with this group of people.

“I personally appreciated the experience gained from this project, whereby I had a chance to practice core consulting skills (problem-solving, research, data analysis, individual interviewing, and storytelling). I also valued the time working with other talented MSc students to bring diverse technical aspects to the final proposal.”
Vinh Huynh, MSc Finance and Investment 2021/22

Vinh is currently working as Consultant at the London office of Prokura — a subsidiary of Kearny.

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